Helena Giron


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The love for movement has always been a part of my life in forms of gymnastic, rock- climbing, dance. I took my first Yoga class in Paris in Gérard Arnaud’s studio, the practice resonated in me from the beginning. The search but not in I packed my bag and left for a two and a half years journey through India and South East Asia open to new experiences, ideas, adventures and ... chilliiiiiiiiiii !!!

Hopping from one ashram to another, trying different styles of Yoga, I finally ended up in Mysore practicing Ashtanga. After a few months, I met Vinay Kumar, a very inspiring and humble teacher and I started practicing “Prana Vashya Yoga” with him. I fully dedicated myself to this practice for 7 months. This completely changed my approach to Yoga, deepened my practice and reflected in so many other aspects of my life.

While traveling in Thailand, I met a few AcroYogis playing in the park, they gave me my first flight and I immediately fell in love with AcroYoga. Everything I loved was there: connecting with people, laughing, playfulness, and it also opened new doors to healing arts. That was it! I found what I was searching for. After meeting so many inspiring people, I felt it was time for me to share this empowering practice with many more people and transmit this joy that AcroYoga practice :-)

I'm now traveling between Europe and Asia to teach AcroYoga :)


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