Helena Kuntz

Haleiwa, HI
United States
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H e l e n a K u n t z M o u r a

I see Yoga as a path to peace, a truly individualized beautiful gift that offers a deeper understanding of who we really are. My lore through this sacred life philosophy, and thus also my teaching, focuses on the power of practice with intention and awareness, connecting with the soul, moving with patience and un-learning and re-learning life lessons through self-exploration and quiet contemplation.

I have studied with a myriad of Yoga Professors and have a wide breadth of understanding for the spiritual, mental, phisical and therapeutic aspects of the practice. My experience and devoted education spans many lineages and styles of Yoga, aligning with the teachings of the Master T. Krishnamacharya.

Practicing and teaching from intuitive guidance connected to the heart I make use of yogic methods to deepen the connection to our inner life force. Building a complete practice including Asanas (postures), Pranayamas (breathing exercises), Kriyas (purification), Mantras (chanting), Bandhas (locks), Mudras (gestures) and Meditation, along with TaiChi, Re-education of Movements and Pilates principles.

While investigating and tutoring different styles -Vinyasa, Liquid Flow, Hatha, Ashtanga, Swastya and Restorative, I hold true to the principle of customizing the Sadhana (regular spiritual exercise) to meet the changing individual needs of those whom I am working with, such as my private students, group classes, yoga for surfers and meditation classes.

I began to give lessons in Yoga supported by extensive preparation of over 15 years training in Yoga. And have also been learning and bringing out Reiki, TaiChi, Cristian, Zen, Chakra and Mantra Meditation.
My pupils consider me to be a creative, peacefull, deep, knowledgable and dedicated teacher.

Helena Kuntz Moura
808 -2379494
/> Waialua – Oahu – Hawaii - USA


Educational and Knowlege
• Swastya Yoga - De Rose - 2001-2003
• Ashtanga – Surya Studio – Professors Regina Ehlers / Guilherme Nascimento - 2004-2007
• Reeducation of the Movement – Dance School - Professor Ivaldo Bertazzo - 2006-2007
• Vinyasa Flow, Contemporary Yoga & Iyengar Yoga - Yoga Flow Studio - 2008-2013
• Karma, Bhakti & Raja Yoga Study Philosophy – Swami Premanada – UMAPAZ - 2011
• The Essence of Bhagavad Gita - Pedro Kupfer - 2012
• Ashtanga Yoga - Lino Mielle Yogaflow Studio - 2011
• Liquid Asana Teacher Training – Vinyasa Flow-200 Hours - Yoga Alliance International
Prof. Michelline Berry , Márcia De Luca - Yoga & Ayurveda , Claudio Frenandes - Anatomy of Yoga,
João Carlos B. Gonçalves - Yoga Philosophy – 2013
• Restorative Yoga – Raquel Perez, Brazil 2015
• The Yoga Philosophy Course – Oahu , Hawaii – North Shore Silent Meditation Garden - Dave Druz - 2015

Professional Experience
Teaching Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Meditation Classes - UNA Yoga Studio – São Paulo – 2013-2015

YOGA at the Park and Meditation by donnation – Sao Paulo - Brazil

Co-creator of YOGA SURF CAMP Brasil
Surf and Yoga Retreats
Pioneering event and touring the beaches of Brazil bringing together experienced teachers of different styles of Yoga; Hatha , Ashtanga , Vinyasa , Surf instructors and Stand Up and Health Therapy Professionals, Massage and Reiki. Lodging in idyllic locations with eating and healthy entertainment.
Participants of all levels can share this experience of self-knowledge and activities that provide health and wellness . For lovers of water sports and outdoor activities. Freedom, relaxation, joy, friendship and positivity ; that's how we got this wave .

Wandering and Quest
• Parmath Nikethan Yoga Ashram - Rishkesh – India (2003)
• Bhakti Fest Yoga Festival - Joshua Tree – California (2014)
• Wanderlust Yoga Festival - Oahu/Hawaii (2015 and 2016)

Portuguese, English, German, Spanish, Italian, French

Other Studies
REIKI - Master
TAI CHI - PAI LIN Institute – teacher training
KINOMICHI - Takero Ono
PILATES - Criah Movimento


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