Helena Zewdie

Los Angeles, CA
United States

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I took my first yoga class in 2009, little did I know that it would take me deep within. I was not mentally or physically ready for the message it had to pass on to me so I stopped for a while. After a year or so, I started taking classes again and I started seeing the difference it was starting to make. In September 2014 I decided to take it as a class at my local college, I was hooked. I dove so deep in those 4 months that I fell in love with the practice, I have been practicing every since. I did my teacher training in September 2015, I have been teaching and practicing constantly. The best part about yoga is that it's for everyone, it allows us to connect through spirit and takes us within to connect to the external world. My life has been shifted by yoga so I would love to pass it on to others that are in the process of becoming their greatest version.


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