Helle Thomson

Havelock North F2
New Zealand

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Helle, a Danish citizen has extensive teaching experience having taught movement, relaxation, and dance for over 30 years. Helle's yoga teacher training as well as her study of Transformational Breath offered a new dimension to Helle's life and teaching. She is now with great wisdom, skill, and love teaching Vinyasa/Hatha Yoga, Breathwork, and Meditation world wide. She has done her internationally accredited yoga teacher training in the Asthanga/Vinyasa tradition.

As a qualified physiotherapist, Helle has a keen eye for alignment and focus on safety. Her classes can be both challenging and gentle. Caring hands-on adjustments are being offered through out Helle’s teaching. Classes are always therapeutic and nurturing, and infused with guidance for life. Even within the context of a large class Helle is able to give her students the sense of being seen and deeply supported.
Helle is an inspirational guide for personal development bridging yoga, breathwork, and spirituality. She is an inspiring and empathetic teacher known for her warm, wise, and caring style of teaching.


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