Hilary Fox

Avondale, PA
United States

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My life has been a journey of learning, creating, growing and healing. There has been a lot of pain along the way and it is my dharma to help guide others on their own path through the process of divine energy.

It it my goal, and desire, to share and help cultivate others on their path of enlightenment.

I specialize in working with clients one-on-one to help with back, hip, neck, shoulder and foot/ankle/knee pain. Asana practice is linked to breath and movement to clear blocked chakra energy and help facilitate greater sense of movement and grace, easing the burden of pain.

Private meditation assistance is also offered and designed with the client in mind. If you have struggled in the past with meditation, please contact me to see if I can help!

A great option if your schedule changes often or if you want to just try out a class here and there
$505-Session Package  
5 group classes add value to your time and your pocket!
$8010-Session Package  
For those committed to their group practice and looking to save a bundle!
Payment due:N.A.