Hiromi Levy

Santa Monica, CA
United States

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I was born and raised in Tokyo, except 7 years between 3yrs old to 3rd grade in Kobe. I had lived my entire life in Japan until 2001, when we decided to move to US. I lived in Boulder, Colorado for 10 years, started to practice yoga at Corepower Yoga North Boulder studio, then immediately fell in love with this magical practice and teachers in Boulder <3 Pracited everyday, taking 3-7 classes a day, Corepower was a first step into yoga world, but I enjoyed many other yoga studios and many other styles of practice. Teachers in Boulder includes; Tunde Borrego (my first ever yoga teacher at Corepower, whom I re-connected in LA just recently xoxoxo), Richii Jai (my spiritual guide as well as yoga teacher, he answered many of my questions with grace and compassion), Steph Schwartz (her amazingness and awesomeness flows endlessly!), Laura Kupperman (she opened my path to healing and yin yoga xoxoxo), Trista Gripple (she opened my door to Kundalini, meditaion, cleanse and letting go! xoxoxo), Jason Bowman (he was my Teacher Training Lead at Corepower Yoga in 2011), Kendra Horn (whom I re-connected again in Santa Monica, also introduced me to Sattva Yoga LA where I now teach 5 classes/week xoxoxo), Amy Benton (she made me recognize detox and cleansing is actually good for me xoxoxo), Heidi Beachly, Amy Harris, Nancy Kate Rao, Geanie Manchester, Shannon Paige, Erin Phillips, Mat Kanipus, Brandon, Ashley O'Conner, Raj, Rob Loud, and many more :D
I finished my first Teacher Training with Corepower Yoga in 2011, 200 RYT and started to teach sub classes at Synergy Studio in Louisville, CO.
I also experienced the first Hanuman Festival in Boulder which was very eye-opening, mind-blowing, inside-out-shifting, and becoming honest with myself experience of which I am always grateful.
Then ... !!!
I moved to Santa Monica in September of 2011, where my amazing loveing husband Michael found his new job. I found Corepower LA, Bryan Kest Power Yoga, Yoga