As she has for over 38 years, yoga pioneer Holiday Johnson offers personal instruction for all ages and abilities, including monthly Wisdom of Yoga workshops and annual retreats to Hawaii's island of Kauai and the south of France. Director of 25yr old successful Standing On Your Own Two™ NonProfit Teens & Teachers of Teens Program

Trained by master teachers from the international yoga community, with a classical Iyengar-style Hatha yoga foundation, Holiday's unique student-based teaching style emphasizes individual need over conforming to systems, and she is known for seeing — and helping her students to see and address-physical and emotional blocks that impair their well-being.

Holiday advocates for her students' success, helping them get the most benefit possible from yoga with the goal of reaching a harmonious balance between spirit, mind, and body. Her fun, energetic approach helps students learn to enjoy all aspects of practice, including the challenges, and encourages a practice that allows each person's inner wisdom to surface so their body may function fully from head to toe.


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