Holiday Johnson

Portland, OR
United States

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Holiday, a yoga pioneer in the Portland Metro Area, has taught for 40+ years with ongoing enthusiasm and dedication to yoga practices. Her broad range of experience encompasses local, national & international exposure. Tailored to her student's needs, Holiday supplies knowledge, support, & enthusiasm for all ages and skill-levels.

Trained by international master teachers, with a classical Iyengar-style Hatha yoga foundation, Holiday’s unique style emphasizes individual need over conforming to systems. Holiday advocates for her students, helping them reach a harmonious balance of spirit, mind, & body. Her fun, energetic approach helps students learn to enjoy all aspects of practice, including the challenges, and encourages a practice that allows each person's inner wisdom to surface so their body may function fully from head to toe.

Holiday’s Yoga Path:

• Her Self through Yoga.
• Holiday first sought physical relief, but quickly found her whole life enhanced by yoga. She became a passionate advocate, determined to share the gift of yoga with everyone.

• Widening the Path for Others.
• Through learning & teaching, Holiday established a yoga presence in businesses & gyms in Portland.
• Holiday’s enthusiasm led to the expansion of PSU’s program to 100's of students, and she boldly initiated classes in community programs, & in corporations like Nike & Mentor Graphics.
• When the demand for yoga was too large, Holiday held the first-ever teacher training in Oregon & helped develop standards for yoga certification in Portland. She then opened Holiday’s Health & Fitness Yoga Center for fifteen years.

• 2017 marked the 25th anniversary of the nationally recognized non-profit Standing on Your Own Two Feet™, which serves teens & teachers of teens.
• Holiday learned to access her own inner wisdom through yoga while facing challenges of childhood & early motherhood while still a teen.
• The curriculum emphasizes fitness w/awareness, personal development, self-esteem, & building life-long health habits.

• A grandmother of 11, Holiday has shifted focus from directing an entire center to offering personal yoga training, retreats, & workshops, developing a teen program, and teaching at the Hawthorne Movement Center.

Specialties: Student of Thich Nhat Hanh, Zen Buddhist Monk, poet & peace activist.


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