Holly Gable

Caldas Da Rainha

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Adventures on and off the mat, traveling as a yoga-doing practising artist, solidify my belief that a creative and empowering life is available to everyone. My aim is to encourage others to expand their perspectives with self-belief and creativity.

Emphasis is on a practice with awareness, drawing on the power of the breath and experience in the present to cultivate compassion, not competition.

Classes begin with breathing exercises, flow through a rejuvenating sequence of Asana working the internal organs, the spine and the glands, as well as building strength and flexibility in the muscles, and close with 15 minutes of deep relaxation.

In private sessions I work with the individual to create a practice to suit their needs and goals, whether for a specific physical problem or injury, anxiety, trouble sleeping, depression, or a Yoga practice to help other practices, golf to

Yoga should be accessible to all and my classes are run on a pay-what-you-can-afford basis with a donation pot.


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