Hope Clunie

seattle, WA
United States

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I began practicing yoga because I wanted to maintain my flexibility after my dance practice dissolved. My first teacher was Cathy Mann, owner of The Yoga Studio in Millis, Massachusetts. I attended classes on and off for 10 years before I decided to study to be a yoga teacher. In winter/spring of 2011 I received my first 200 hour teacher training certificate from Finding Inner Peace Yoga School under the instruction of my first teacher, Cathy. This training was the first time that I really felt a strong shift of empowerment in myself, and decided I wanted to teach and learn as much as possible.
At the end of the summer in 2011, I moved to Seattle, sight unseen, just following an intuition to be there. In Seattle, I discovered my Forrest Yoga practice. Through Forrest Yoga I began feeling my breath and body in a new, deeper way. The practice, and my teachers, motivated me to study with Ana Forrest in San Francisco at the Yoga Tree in May 2013, another hugely life altering and transformational experience.

Since I dove head first into my yoga journey in 2011, I have developed ways of coping with anxiety, depression, and fear. It is my intention as a teacher to offer these tools to my students, in the same way all my amazing teachers have offered them to me.

I teach in Seattle at Kula Movement in Ballard.


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