Hristina Markova


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Hristina got introduced to yoga while she was living in the United States of America, finishing her bachelors degree in Business Administration. Playing volleyball professionally had led to a number of ailments including a disk herniation in the low back. The injury had become quite serious at the end of her fourth year in college and she was recommended yoga as a way of non-invasive therapy. What started as a twice a week endeavor, became the spark of a complete transformation for her. She left the states in search of yoga education in India, where she completed 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. Now, drawing from that knowledge, together with her own imagination and her experiences with many other inspiring teachers, she creates her own style of Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga. Her classes are unpredictable, as the pace changes and from fast vinyasa gets transformed into a deeper practice, incorporating meditation and pranayama.


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