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Hi, I am Iir Prihatinawati, a registered Yoga Alliance profesional UK and forrest yoga UK. I am from Borneo, the Indonesian side and moved to Cambridge and teach in summer 2015. At the moment - i am only receiving in person session via booking only to or via here or to my website

My yoga journey began early in life to help with asthma. Yup, I am asthmatic, hay fever alergy, and had several procedurals for my respiration organs. You wont see it from the outside tho as my practice helped me regulating my breath and my cardio vascular.

I have been practicing yoga for more than half of my life and friends started coming over to join me – and this grew into my earlier taught classes before I even qualified.

In 2015 just before moving to Cambridge I graduated from Frog Lotus Yoga (FLY) International specialising in teaching Vinyasa. I chose Vinyasa after having explored many other styles of yoga, followed with Advanced Forrest Yoga with Ana Forrest herself in 2016, Foundations Forrest Yoga with Jambo Dragon and Sinhe Yee, Mentorships, Bodyworks and many others with Brian Campbell and Jambo.

My personal practice is strongly influenced by Vinyasa, Forrest and Ashtanga. My personal practice were asthanga and vinyasa, although sometimes I switch into Iyengar, Yin, Hot Yoga.

Prior to becoming a yoga teacher, I taught languages for 12 years, so teaching is something I am very familiar with. With my Masters Degree in Psychological Education, I bring my understanding of progression into my classes. I break poses into smaller components and sequence mindfully and intelligently to reach a peak pose, with strong emphasis on the breath-movement connection, integrity and mindfulness.

My classes are generally characterised by three key elements.

1. Connection between breath and movement. Focusing on your breathing encourages you to focus on your own body rather than those around you, making you more aware of its strengths but also its limitations.
2. Asana integrity and hands-on assists. By moving around the class as I teach, I help you become more aware of your muscular activity, keeping your body correctly aligned in each pose and engage the relevant muscles, which allows you to get deeper into the pose.
3. Mindfulness. As you focus within, maintaining your muscular integrity, you are encouraged to understand yoga as a personal journey of physical and mental fulfilment and improvement. Everyone follows their own journey in life and in yoga, but all living bodies are a wonder. Appreciate yours not what it can’t do, but for what it can.


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

17 Reviews

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