Ikonia Ulrika Anevska


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I may have many labels as of who I am what I like, what I do, how many years I have walked upon this earth, my favourite food and colour and so on. But for me the more important knowledge is that I am curious of life, I love challenges and learning new things. I like to get nerdy and dive deep into philosophy, the meaning of things and how stuff really work. I’m an adrenaline junkie and likes vehicles that goes fast.

I first entered the world of yoga when I was 16 and competing in the Swedish Championship in Roadracing 125cc. I took the class out of curiosity and to be honest I didn’t really like it, it was uncomfortable and weird. But I got an amazing workout and a tool to handle and recover from my many injuries, so I stuck with my practice and kept returning to my mat week after week and by then I had fallen in love. For me the more slower and intense practice of yoga helped me to pull myself together, to understand why I got injured and how to take care of them. Yoga has helped me in so many ways to accept and fall in love with myself, to know that I am enough, and that that is ok.

I would love to say that yoga makes me a better person, that would be a bit wrong off course but from my view yoga gives me time and a space for me to enter into my difficulties ans issues (yes we all have them) and to deal with uncomfortable feelings or frustrations on the mat. So that when I enter the real world I can deal with those feelings in a way that is more serene, honest and peaceful so I don’t hurt myself or other people.

I have had this dream about becoming a teacher filed and stored in my heart for a long time, and never actually thinking that one day it would become true. And now that it is true I am more scared than ever, for this is so close to my heart and is a subject that fills most of my days. Dreams are scary, doing what you love is scary and trying to unveil who you are and why you are here is the scariest. But how would I stand infront of my children telling them that they should follow their dreams if I don’t. I want to live and lead my own words. To be able to teach what I am practicing, to be honest and see-through.

My mission as a teacher is not to strive for helping anyone, for that is a job that can not be done, you help yourself. I wish to get the opportunity of leading you and creating space for you so that you have the possibility to help yourself in however way that that will look and be for you. NAMASTE.


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