Ilona Saumyatirtha

Dharamsala Himachal Pradesh
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Ilona Saumyatirtha - yogini ( Satyanda Yoga, Bihar Yoga), artist, philosopher, traveler. Sharing her yogic experience in India, Ireland and Poland. "In our classes we move beyond the idea of yoga as a series of physical exercises and stretches. We focus on developing deep awareness - emotional, mental, energetical. We try to understand primordial forces governing our bodies and the universe - a dynamic balance of yin and yang. We aim to find that balance in the practice and in our lives. Deep awareness, we develope through yoga makes us more sensitive to the wisdom of nature. We learn to listen, surrender and flow with the natural cycles, leaving our personal needs, preferences and ambitions behind. From that real Peace and Happines arise."

Week of September 20TH

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