Ilse-Marie Sobering

Periana Málaga

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lse-Marie Sobering – Yoga and Meditation Teacher 500RYT

Together with Jeroen Ruijters the Founders of Viva La Vida and an experienced E-200RYT + 500RYT Yoga Teacher.

Ilse-Marie did several teacher trainings. The advanced 300 hour course she did in an Ashram in India. She is skilled in various yoga styles and over the years has created her own style by mixing various styles of yoga. She is teaching yoga, meditation and coaching courses in three languages ​​to beginners, advanced students, seniors and children. She is organizing retreats and courses, gives (master) classes and workshops.

Ilse has a great passion for yoga, meditation, mindfulness and healthy nutrition. Yoga & meditation had a big impact on her own life. Ilse-Marie: “I live a lot more in the present moment, I can handle stress better and I enjoy the small things in life a lot more. Yoga is for me this still point is this fast changing world.

I have also realized what is important to me and how I can make a positive contribution in my own way. Teaching gives me a lot of energy and I think it’s great to see what positive effect it has on people.

It is beautiful to share your knowledge with others and to do what you really love.


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