Ilze Jēče


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I am a holistic therapist, yoga teacher, passionate acroyogi and social change facilitator. Over the past 10 years I have been bringing healing arts to diversity of environments including hospitals, women prisons, youth camps and international organizations, empowering individuals and communities to strive to live up to their potential.

In bodywork and personal development workshops, I integrate traditional healing arts and ancient wisdom to create a holistic experience of physical and mental wholeness. My training in holistic healing arts includes certification in yoga therapy (Institute of Natural Medicine Nepal), Thai massage (Healing Hands Kathmandu) and Thai massage circus (Laos), bodywork (Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage), abdominal massage (Omshala in Thailand), ayurvedic massage (Reiki center Riga) and acroyoga (Partner acrobatics and flying therapeutics teacher training, Thai flying circus and other workshops). I am extremely greatful for so many teachers that have inspired me to practice and become who I am in my work and life. To mention few: in yoga: Jesse Winder, Jesse Enright, Clara Roberts-Oss, Jaqui Wan, David Vendetti, Mark Holzman, Anastasis Koutsogiannis and many more; in acroyoga: Niko Douwes, Emily Baxter, Lorenzzo Becki, Jason Nemer, Thorsten Bolle and many more; in bodywork: Arno L'Hermitte, Mylene Bergeron, Kaline Alayna Kelly, Itzhak Helman, Amaro Hografer, Fernando Cabrera, Kirsten Johansson, Anne Comagnion, Carolina Gomez Remko Van de Vicsh and many more. I am passionate non-violent communication practitioner and lifelong student in personal wellbeing techniques and practices.

Apart from running bodywork related workshops I work for and lead training courses on sustainable development, social justice and community development for international and local non- profit organizations and agencies around the World. Being a facilitator for me means sharing the inspiration, vision and trust of work that individuals can bring to create resilient, caring and wise communities around the World. I strongly believe in a power of joyful play in the process of self and community development. I believe that making space for self-growth throughout a social group experience, enables you to create a powerful ripple effect benefiting communities far and near.


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