Imani Dodley

Rochester, NY
United States

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“As I have practiced yoga over the years, off and on, I have noticed the lack of yoga accessibility for people of color, those publicly struggling with mental illness, and persons of certain economic backgrounds. I have also noticed both in my role as a pastor and in my work with rape crisis services, the need for people to breathe. For many within our communities, yoga and meditation is a practice that is out of reach and not in touch with the realities of what they are experiencing. As a woman of color that comes from brokenness – having experienced hardship and struggle, abuse and self-degradation – I understand the need for peace in one’s life. Yoga coupled with my faith in Christ has been an inspiration for creating a balance in my practice on and off the mat. I strongly believe that increasing the reach of Y4AGH in the City of Rochester will begin to address the issues of brokenness, hardship, struggle, abuse, and self-degradation. Participants will be able to find peace within instead of always seeking something outside of themselves.”

I am RYT 200 HR Vinyassa Teacher, Advocate and Educator


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