Indira Kate Kalmbach

Palm Beach, FL
United States
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Since graduating from her first yoga teacher training in 2004, Indira’s teaching has evolved from the fast-paced vinyasa she enjoyed practicing and teaching in her early twenties to a crisp alignment-based approach inspired by the Iyengar Method. Indira has been practicing yoga since childhood: her mother was a yoga student in the 1960s and transmitted her love of the practice to Indira at an early age.

Indira's degree in Philosophy and English Literature may help with Yoga Philosophy and writing (in addition to writing student training manuals, Indira has published work in Origin and Mantra magazine), but it is Indira's specialty yoga training that continues to inspire and influence her teaching.

Indira is immensely grateful for formative time spent at Tekishinjuku Kyoto Kokusai Zendo in rural Japan, her time spent with Ram Dass and Roshi Joan Halifax, and learning the art of story-telling from Erich Schiffmann.

Classes with Indira have been described as "divine," "heart-felt," and "like medicine." She understands yoga as a physical, mental, and emotional discipline that can help us to reach our maximum potential as evolving human beings.