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I was born in Rome and I live in the area of Castelli Romani where I work in my private studio (Yoga del Centro -Ariccia – Roma), as Dance Movement Therapist and Yoga teacher. I hold group and private classes.
I also work in Albano, (Rome), at Centro Olistico Cultura e Benessere teaching both private and Group Yoga class.
I have been teaching Yoga for 25 years and I have developed a deep and long experience in various Yoga Styles: Astanga Vinyasa with Patthaby Jois, Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Vedic Chanting in the Tradition of Sri Krishnamachary at the KHYF (Chennai, Tamil Nadu – India), with Sri Desikachar Faher and Dr Kausthud Desikachar as well as with Chanda Cuffaro, in Rome.
I studied deeply the style developed by Vanda Scaravelli, studying with Sandra Sabatini for more then 8 years.
I have the title of YogaTube Teacher, that I got with his “creator”, Alessandro Amici.
The various experiences, as well as my training as Art Psychotherapist, help me to meet each student according to their personal and unique needs.
I have been studying practicing Integral Yoga, Tantric Meditation and Anukalana Yoga with Jacopo Ceccarelli. I am currently teaching in this style that I consider healthy, balanced, and apt to bring Yoga knowledge and practice, to many people. I like it for its respect for everybody human psychophysical structure, because it prepares to Meditation in a gradual and harmonious, deep way.
My experience allows me to meet each person with their specific attitude, personality and need and offer them something very personal and unique through Yoga
I teach both in Italian and English.


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