Inez Aires

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Ines was born Portuguese, graduated from Environmental Engineering (MsC) and is a PADI Rescue Diver.
Her body training started when she was 4, in the Academy of Classical Ballet Pirmin Treku, Horseback Riding and Gymnastics. Been in the Yoga path for 18 years and teaching for 11. Studied Sámkhya, Ashtanga , Tríka, Bhakti ,Tantra, Traditional Hatha and Transformational Yoga and dedicated herself to the teachings of Power and Yin Yang Yoga. Embodying a very curious spirit engaged in courses of Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Contemporary Dance. Master Teacher of YAI and WYF, she was fortunate to learn, practice and teach worldwide in Portugal, UK, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, California, Costa Rica, Ibiza, Nepal, Australia, Russia and India, in schools, retreats, yoga studios, privately and also in Festivals. Passionate about massage, healing therapies as well as medicinal and power plants, learned and practices Ayurveda, Liquid Flow, Thai Massage, Reiki and Chakra Readings, that combines in her therapies with Tibetan Singing Bowls and Mantras.


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

29 Reviews

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Strong focused energy

Inez has a strong presence, balancing the guidance with explanation and frequently adjustments on the postures, reinforcing positively the attendants all the way the class. Recomended, absolutely.

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true yogin...

Great professional , very passionate and true devoted to the yoga teacthing .

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An inspiring warm radiant being

Inez is always ready to help, heal, teach, share.. to be of service with a big smile, warm heart and childlike enthusiasm!
i´m honored to have her in my life and to witness her growth as she explores the magic across the world.

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Inez is a inspiring teacher, women, human beeing <3

Inez Aires is one of my inspirations on this world :) She is a beautiful soul sister and an amazing power yoga teacher! She travels around the world teaching her beautiful clases everywhere! i had the opportunity to see her shinning on his true yoguini nature in different ocasions and i highly recomended her as a yoga teacher <3 Thank you Inez!!!

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Inez shines the light of truth

Inez is always smiling and ready to make things happen. She is charismatic, accommodating and wants all beings to shine their own truth. In class, Inez, encourages and inspires the students to stay present while consciously exploring the unknown. Her teaching and presence is very balanced. She is a radiant light.

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There are the yoga instructors that simply send you through a guided range of motions, and these can be nice and healthy and easy classes, but there are also the instructors that challenge and inspire you and create an experience that leaves you wanting to integrate more yoga practice into your life. Inez Aires is one of these and can teach for any level of student. Highly recommended! Enjoy!

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My name is Gabriela and I work with the body, body awareness, movement and perception,in a practical way as a dancer and teacher, as theoretical through research of the same themes.


I know Inês Aires personally and professionally and it is just the people who look when I want a friend, when I want to inspire, simply enter or be on a journey to my own body through yoga. For me her classes are very full, dynamic and very well conducted either in a small classroom or a space with hundreds of people. Her practice, focus and discipline are in full attention, informative, explanatory, harmonic in different levels and rhythms, and always maintaining a dedicated level of love, consciousness and connection to all inside and outside, present at the time.
Its authenticity, activeness, positiveness, strength and spirit are contagious, as well as their intelligence and immense talent she has within and gives simply for pleasure, friendship and devotion to each other and to their work. Inês is an amazing human being which have an immense privilege and good fortune to live, work and share life.

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Inez is an Amazing Teacher

She is beautiful watch and a sincere and passionate teacher. Yoga class with Inez is both physically challenging and spiritually uplifting.

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Inez is an amazing teacher that crafts a practice that calls the best version of yourself to the present. One of my absolute favorites to learn from.

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I received amazing private prenatal classes from Inez while she was staying with us here in Pavones, Costa Rica. She saved me during a busy time and help me tap back into my inner strength and body. Her adjustments and breathing exercises were exactly what I needed! Baby and I are missing her beautiful, heart opening, warrior classes!

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Power yoga

She gives a power yoga class, sometimes in the middle I feel like going out, but then she has an inner voice that push me again back to class! She can be very spiritual, but normally classes are very strong

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sooo energizing!

Inez inspired exercises and awareness I carry through to my day to day. Her attentive practice guides each session with ease and power. I'll go to the next class when I get the chance, even if its too early in the morning for me!

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My Guru

Inês is defenitly my yoga guru, I started my practice with her and had the most amazing experience. With her I found a profound body awarness, the perfect connection of mind and soul.

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Ines is a goddess

Ines is a fabulous teacher and very connected and it shows in her practice. People keep looking sad when they realize she is no longer in Tulum! We miss her so!

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She´s a perfect alchemy

I had the gift of being in the yoga classes of Inez. She´s an excellent teacher! The person that she is makes her a unique maestra! the kindness, the wisdom, the insight and humility of Inez...makes a perfect alchemy for a Yoga teacher! love&respect Teresa

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Inez is a great yoga teacher, super friendly and super inspiring! You will love her classes!

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Tamos juntas sister na próxima vez espero que uma pouco mais de tempo juntas, qui çá no mexico.. beijos guapa!!

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Inez is the best yoga teacher i had the pleasure to have classes with.

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Inez has been a wonderful teacher and human being to me. She Exudes Comfort Confidence strength understanding and warmth, allowing me and others to open up freely with ease from her constant support. She is a goddess; Anyone who crosses paths with her would agree.

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Power Light !!

Inez is one of those pulling forces of nature, always trying to improve herself across different dimensions of being, doing and understanding, while always succeeding to inspire both by example and by dedicated empowerment of others. Her yoga is no different, blooming with cheerful passion, paced dedication and ever-more integrated wisdom!

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shiny star

We started practicing together years ago and we shared the eureka euphoria of discovering yoga in that tender age. Inez still has that intense emotion and admiration for yoga and she makes it through the practice always focused and aware of the constant learning process.
Keep up! We'll be old yoga friends!

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A leader!

Inez is a warm leader. She is devouted to her yoga, which she does anywhere (inc on a river). She ia alão artístic and dynamic, creating beautiful and natural poses. She creates interest by embodying the very ideals of yoga, by practicing and being a thorough helper. I have followed Inezs activity with interest for a few years and will continue to do so for many more.

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Amazing experience with Ines my soul Sister yogi ,

I really want to thank Ines my soul yellow galactic star sister for teaching us , her Soul Yoga class. I am so glad I took advantage of this opportunity. I am a lifelong believer of taking care of your body and mind. I was extremely enlightened on how strenuous the performance of yoga truly can be. Ines took us through, what seemed to be, an endless amount of yoga moves. I was dripping sweat by the end of the sessions. I loved it. Additionally, the spiritual energy she introduced us to, has made a significant change inside of me. I am empowered.

Inez AiresOctober 31, 2014
you are more then me... milana... my sister love

you are my light... in yoga and life.. my sister.. a loving mother... householder.. a life-companion... a builder of ideas and dreams.. and manifest-or of manifestation power.. and a true follower of inner ideas, life concepts, brother sister hood community creative wheel. we are together.. for ever!!!

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Amazing Yoga Teacher, Highly Recommended

This tinny little girl with looks fragile but wait until she starts her class. You will be amazed how focused and experienced she is, teaching all levels and being so friendly and passionate at the same time. I totally recommend her, she is great on large classes and also one to one classes. Either if you are experience or a complete novice, go for it and I guarantee you won't regret it!