Inge Dessing


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The first time I experienced a yoga class I was lucky to be in the beautiful foothills of the Himalayas. There I was initiated in the beautiful art of mantra, moving and breathing. The practice has become a part of my life since 4 years and I am thankful to have met amazing teachers who have guided and inspired me. Especially during difficult times in my life the practice of yoga has been an anchor in the struggle of life.

As a yoga teacher and psychologist I work together with students and clients towards Self discovery. As an organizational psychologist in coaching sessions and as yoga teacher in sharing an experience that brings you inward. In my yoga classes I combine the physical postures with breath in flow (or vinyasa). There is also a philosophical focus in class where I share the ancient yoga teachings in a practical way. Next to that we share the practice of repeating mantras. Keeping an attitude of always still being a student of this beautiful ancient practice.


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