Inma Vicente


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Inma teaches Lu Jong, dance and body techniques that open up the consciousness through movement. Since 2005 she has been following and studying with the Tibetan master Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche, founder of the Tibetan Medicine Centre Nangten Menlang. As one of his most senior and closest students, she has studied, amongst other Buddhist disciplines: Lu Jong, Tsa Lung, Tummo, Bliss, Tog Chöd, Kum Nye, Mindfulness and Buddhist Psychology. She is also Tulku Lobsang´s translator in Spain. An expert in Lu Jong teachings, in 2009 she became a Lu Jong Educator and started training other teachers in Lu Jong techniques. For many years she has combined her experience as a dancer and dance teacher with that of Lu Jong, Tsa Lung, Tog Chöd, Meditation and other body techniques teaching in different centres in Spain and other European countries. Inma currently offers Lu Jong 1&2 Master Classes and Advanced Teacher Trainings for Lu Jong Teachers and Educators in different countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, , Netherlands, Germany and Norway.


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