Intuitive Yogini

Lake Country, BC

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Hello my name is

My mission is to show as many people as I can the power of positive and make ripples of self discovery that cause waves of realization ,we shall have any number of intuitive modalities to pull from not just the teaching of Yoga for I am a firm believer in whole knowledge learning & growth

Thru "Hands on Healing" or virtually ...I want to facilitate empowering YOU on your journey to truly getting to know yourself through Soul Purpose Exploration !

There is so much more to be gained thru the Intuitive Art of Yoga then just physical betterment as you will see thru our are where we shall end not start.

Our work together will give you the insight to enable you to begin your fabulous inward searching,as well as be a friend to walk beside those already on their path who just need a guide to check themselves against.


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