Iram Khan

Granite Bay, CA
United States

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Iram Khan, iRest® Instructor, RYT

Iram experienced yoga for the first time at her local gym. Since then, she has developed a beautiful relationship of peace, trust and joyfulness with this ancient practice of wisdom. 

Her longing to learn more about the discipline led her to earn her Raja yoga teacher training certificate from the Sierra Center for Yoga Studies under the guidance of Bhavani Girard and Richard Valdez.

She received her iRest® Yoga Nidra levels 1and 2 teacher training with its founder Richard Miller, PhD, at the Integrative Restoration Institute and currently is in the level III certification program. iRest® is a practice of self inquiry, self acceptance and developing a mind body connection which promotes deep healing, health and well-being.

Teaching private and group classes of iRest® Yoga Nidra,Yin yoga, Gentle and nourishing Yoga at Sehatu Sleep Clinic, Orchard Creek at Lincoln Hills, Wellness Within in Roseville ( Cancer support services )and U. S. Department of Energy in Folsom


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