Irana Ji An Fouroulis

Paros, Cyclades
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Irana JiAn’ s knowledge of yoga, body and mind inspire a transformational approach to yoga practice. Her experience as a Vinyasa Yoga practitioner and her background can be clearly felt in her precision and fluidity in practice, Her calm, generous and analytical teaching is loved by all whatever their yoga experience. Enjoy the opportunity to develop a personal Vinyasa Yoga practice to take away, to delve into traditional Vinyasa Yoga and benefit from her intelligent adjustments and clear teaching.
Irana JiAn -Yogaratna senior teacher, has been teaching living and practicing Yoga for more than 20 years. She has dwelt in different lineages of yoga: Sivavananda, Ashtanga, Hatha Anousara, Jivamoukti, Bhakti Flow, Prana Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin yoga, Scaravelli. Throughout her journey her experiential approach brought her to the realization that Yoga is a gift and a chance for each individual to rediscover vitality and inner joy. Her studies include excellency asana alignment , communication skills, physiology, anatomy, traditinal Integral Vinyasa, Hatha yoga, Physical YogaThetapeutics & Yoga for Arthritis, Menopause & Diabetes. Master meditation teacher. She is a mother and experienced pregnancy and kids yoga teacher. She focuses on Chakra work, Purification, Mantram, Pranayama, Yoga Nindra & Meditation. Irana organizes and leads Certified Yoga Teacher trainings, Transformational Yoga Experiences, Detox programs, as holidays or immersions as well as specialized workshops and seminars all throughout the year in Paros,-Greece, Lanzarote-Canarias and around the world.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

5 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
A relaxing journey

Irana is a woman that can change the way you approach yoga.
She teaches you how to listen to your body and how you can improve your personal practice using your breath.
She always gives emphasis to the points you
need, in order to be careful and protect your body.
She gives you all those small details, so that you can really love and enjoy her classes.
Every class is a unique experience.
You never know how deep you will go, but at the end it really worth the effort.
One of the most experienced teachers, having a feminine approach in her classes, something that is really hard to find nowadays.
Yoga Shala is for me a very unique place.
A place you can relax and leave yourself move freely.
A place that you come closer to yourself.

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Experienced teacher

I have always enjoyed attending classes with Irana, being at Yoga Shala with her is always a pleasure. She has immense knowledge of all aspects of yoga and that reflects in her classes. Yoga Shala is a sacred space because of Irana. She guides you gently though her sessions, with no judgement and no pressure.

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Wonderful Teacher

I came to Paros Yoga Shala in 2015 for a teacher training course. It was intense, active and spiritual but at the same time deeply relaxing. Irana is a caring, thoughtful and knowledgable teacher. I left feeling inspired and with an optimistic mindset. Irana shows grace and integrity through the way she practices and speaks. She truly is an excellent teacher and I feel grateful that I chose to study with her in that unforgettable summer.

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Life changing experience.

Irana has many years of experience and she is able to share her knowledge with creativity and strength. She gives you exactly what you need to learn because she can see through your practice which are your strengths and your weaknesses. My experience as a student was very intense. Now that i am practicing on my own, starting teaching, I understand more and more every day about all the tips, advices she gave me. If you want to understand why you're practicing yoga and how to improve yourself (not only on your mat) this is the teacher you need.

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The best teacher!!!

If you want to deepen your knowledge about yoga Irana is ideal teacher to guide you threw your path. She has been teaching for many years and you can see that in her practice, which is very deep, creative and even in the group focused on each individual, so everyone will get what they need. Step by step, by teaching you to synchronise breath and movement she will help you to transform your life and feel inner peace.


Apart from her wisdom and huge knowledge about yoga, philosophy, alignment, pranayama etc. (she is like walking encyclopaedia) ;) most important she is beautiful human being. Very warm, always ready to help you, patience and make you feel like you re home. I feel so blessed that our path has crossed thank you Irana million times for everything. Sending love and kisses.