Irene Dominguez

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Art means everything in my life. The art of living through devotion for everything I do and create, in Union with the wholeness, in the wheel of Dharma. My spiritual practice is connected with everything I do.
In constant movement I’ve been searching different aspects of Yoga and disciplines, while discovering a wide world of benefits that the spiritual practice (sadhana) brings into my life: the connection of the perceptible and the imperceptible. Therefor, yoga is not fitness, is not about the physical movement only, Yoga is a lifestyle.
In Yoga, as in Life, I love exploring different practices to learn, heal, discover and share. Together with meditation and conscious breathing, it brings harmony, balance, health, strength, it heals and connect us with our higher self, with each other, the universe, the higher consciousness. Yoga help us to sharp every sense, explore and expand our potential and is forming part of the conscious development.
The Universe is always listening and answering…


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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