Irene Tsiridou

Newport Wales
United Kingdom

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Hello Everybody!
I am Irene and i have been practicing yoga the last 15 years. Although i practice yoga at home almost everyday, 4 years ago i decided to become a BodyART Instructor.
BodyART is a combination of yoga, pilates, physiotherapy, dance and tai-chi. I have chosen this training in order to provide my services to more people and till now,i managed to have many different kinds of groups. Of course my courses always include meditation and i truly love those minutes. I believe that meditation is really important to everyone's health and i am glad that i can help people with a way to create a new habit.
I relocated to UK from Greece 2 months ago and i now begin with my first classes in Wales, close to nature! In addition i am seeking courses in order to expand my skills in "special" yoga such as yoga for children and yoga for people with special needs.
You can contact me and provide some information about you (name, age, physical condition) and i am sure that we can find the best training program for you and maybe change your life a little
With love to all of you!
Looking forward to meeting you!
Irene (peace in Greek)


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