Irina B (Yogirina)


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Creative spirit, Yoga teacher, Fitness instructor, Personal trainer, Back Health coach, Anatomy geek, Energy healer, Thai masseur, Graphic artist, Dancer, Vegetarian Bon vivant, Magic seeker, People lover :)

''...I dedicated my life to my passions: ART and YOGA. This path taught me how to maintain a balance between my physical and mental health: managing energy resources, coping with stress and through conscious meditations embody my creative visions. After my ski crash in 2002 my self-developed rehab-yoga-practice helped me to walk again (run, jump, dance and later stand on my head ;)) and to enjoy my life come rain or shine. I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and joy with you!''

I teach in English, German and Russian, sometimes I use two languages at the same time.
If you don't unterstand any of them - let me know before the class - we'll figure something out ;)


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