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"Do what you love & love what you do"

Love to encourage and help people getting more balance for body & mind, coming closer (back) to themselves, realizing their power and own resources, enabling to reach their goals. Step by step at their own pace.

Working with holistic health och wellbeing, mainly as Hathayoga teacher in Lund/Malmö/Copenhagen area, with mindfulness & health management, coaching, singing bowl sound massage practitioner (Peter Hess sound-resonans method)

Are you looking for more work--life balance, lifestyle changes, relaxation of body & mind, stress prevention please contact me if your around. Working with individuals, grouse and companies.

Languages: English, German; Swedish

More services to offer:

# Personal Yoga training
# Yinyoga & gong relaxation
# Hathayoga
# Restorative Yoga
# Mindful Yoga
# Sound massage treatment PHI (Peter Hess method)
"sound coaching (Combination of coaching session & sound treatment)
# Singing bowls relaxation & meditation
# Gong bath & relaxation sessions
# Bodywork - Access Bars®
# EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping)
# Personal mindful coaching
# Group coaching
# Workshops about health & stress management, Yoga & sound inspiration, sound-resonans method
# Education - sound massage Peter Hess- PHI level I & II - planned for autumn 2015

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