Iris Verstappen


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I started practicing yoga at the age of 19 to bring myself in a more gentle process of grief for my father who passed away. Yoga helped me tremendously to stay close to myself and I started to see it as a safe haven of allowing myself to be with ME - in my body, my breath, my mind, my soul.
I continued practicing and growing and noticed I was more drawn to more dynamic forms of yoga (mainly Ashtanga). I took classes multiple times a week, started doing me self practice and eventually wanted to dive deeper. So I decided to do a teacher training - in the first place to learn more, and to improve my practice.
I teach Ashtanga for beginners now and it is my wish to also learn more about incorporating yoga in my work with women --- I teach menstrual cycle awareness, mindful menstrual management, and I provide holistic pregnancy & birth support.


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