Irmak Behzatoglu


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Irmak has started doing yoga as a hobby in the beginning of 2009. As time passed, she has realized that she loved yoga so much and therefore she wanted to do it as a profession. Despite the fact that she was working at that time, Irmak’s passion for yoga made her quit her job and start studying yoga in India. When she was there she had the chance to practice different yoga styles; especially Ashtanga, Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Yoga. She succeeded in getting a certificate from the yoga school “Sivananda Yoga Vedanda Dhanwantari Ashram.” While studying there she had the chance to learn the philosophy of practising yoga and later on she adapted it as her life style. Irmak was qualified as a yoga instructor after some intensive trainings in India and she decided turning back to Cyprus in order to teach professionally.
Irmak currently has her own yoga school called “Arshiya Yoga Life Center” in the North Nicosia, Cyprus. Her most important goal is to spread the positive energy through yoga. By doing so, she is also sharing the benefits of yoga with her students as well as people around her. Irmak is an active and a dedicated yoga practitioner and she always attends different yoga workshops both in Cyprus and abroad such as France and Turkey, in order to keep up with her theoretical and practical skills.


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