iRONFAERY Dawn Aragon

Seattle, WA
United States

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I am a prana-informed teacher. My workshops are conceptual and experiential, where philosophical ideas play out by mindfully combining asana and pranayama--form before depth, softness predicates strength. I endeavor to integrate apparent opposites while placing the body in a special way. Evenness of breath coupled with evenness of movement results in (or is the result of) evenness of mind. When prana guides your individual or partner practice, Anything Is Possible.

Sanskrit: Haṭha denotes a system of physical techniques on the yogic path. "Ha" represents the masculine/solar principle while "tha" represents the feminine/lunar principle, BOTH in ALL polarities. Hatha Yoga therefore, refers to a physical practice wherein the integration of (apparent) opposites assimilate into a more complete union or whole. Now, Vinyasa breaks down into, "Vi" means "in a special way" and "Nyasa" means "to place." Vinyasa Yoga helps you place your body in a special way. Finally, Prāṇāyāma, means "extension of the life force." Patanjali presents Pranayama as an exercise preliminary to concentration.

Experience: Auspiciously, the same year I began serving veterans with cancer as a whole health psychologist, I was introduced to the bhakti yogic path via Siddha Yoga Meditation. I received shaktipat from Gurumayi Chidvilasananda. Focused on “peace-of-mind,” I found myself consistently distracted by a lifetime of accumulated athletic injuries. Sitting in sukhasana ("easy pose") for any length of time was challenging. Being incredibly physically uncomfortable during meditation drew me to combining the healing practices of asana and pranayama. Tenacity (in-lieu of iRONFAERY) should have been my nickname because after 17 years of dedicated practice (on a good day) I can meditate in padmasana (“full lotus”).

I received my yoga teacher certification from Sri Dharma Mittra. The spark of AcroYoga was ignited at Burning Man where I embraced the mantra of "Trust & Surrender." I received my AcroYoga teacher certificate from the co-founders of AcroYoga. Most recently, I took a month-long journey to London, UK, for Edward Clark’s Tripsichore Intensive Study Course.


What iF… you shifted your Drishti?
What iF… Pranayama guided your Asana?
What iF… you combine Victorious Breath with Flying Up?
What iF… you floated into inversions with Pranayama?

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