Irum Naqvi

Toronto, ON
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My quest for answers and understanding of my life purpose has led me into the path of this self realization journey. In this journey, I found Yoga, I found Reiki, and most of all I found the courage and the strength to live with peace through Meditation.
Recently I found Thai Massage. The realization came that it all flows together. All this combined and in union is what I offer.

Bringing into my teaching over 25 years of my own yoga practice. This practice has been influenced by the different styles of yoga, including and not limited to Ashtanga, Iyengar, Kripalu, Anusara, Sivananda and all aspects of Hatha yoga.

Through the teaching, I share how I live.

Find me mostly in Toronto, or on my website:


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

30 Reviews

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Supportive, Warm and Inspiring

I had the pleasure of taking my 200hr training with Irum at Rancho Margot in 2015. I had been practicing yoga for many years previously, but was still seeking an authentic and experienced teacher that resonated with me. As soon as I met Irum, I knew she was the right teacher.

In her embodiment of yoga, Irum inspires and leads by example. Her teaching style is supportive, warm and mostly importantly, based on knowledge and experience. I would highly recommend her as a teacher.

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I am forever grateful for my experience meeting Irum, she is an amazing teacher. I still find myself years later with her wise words in my mind.

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Wonderful teacher and an even more wonderful mentor!

Irum is a great teacher and an amazing mentor. My journey to Costa Rica was just the beginning of my quest to re-invent myself, to embrace a new way of life, to find peace, and what a lovely journey it has been only made possible because of Irum’s ongoing warm and generous guidance, encouragement, support and love! Irum deeply loves her work and embodies it in her teachings, yoga asanas, meditation, spirituality, philosophy and healthy lifestyle.


She is a patient listener and a devoted teacher who imparts knowledge generously. She radiates joy and beauty when she practices yoga. Irum is calm and loving yet mischievous and humorous, leaving you with respect and trust for her and a renewed sense of peace and well-being for yourself!
The time I spent with Irum and other teachers at Rancho Margot was magical and life changing! The sounds and surroundings of this beautiful rainforest are a perfect setting for yoga and Irum made sure that we experienced the magic. From the surreal early morning meditation and yoga to the life changing discussions in a charming setting to the sumptuous farm- to-table food and accommodations, it was a magical experience!
I recommend Irum as a teacher without hesitation. Irum has been a source of inspiration and comfort to me and I am so grateful to have her in my life as my teacher and mentor and for helping me kick-start my spiritual development and this wonderful way of life called Yoga!

Romana -
Yoga Teacher Training (YTT 200) at Rancho Margot, Costa Rica – November 2016

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Inspirational teacher, on and off the mat

Irum is the kind of teacher that inspires you to live from your highest and authentic self by seeing her do it so effortlessly. She truly teaches by example and shares what she has learned with stories from her own life. To be around her is purely uplifting, containing an aura about herself that is both awe inspiring and alluring. Having the opportunity with work with Irum was a treat I will cherish throughout my life. I am proud to call her my teacher and I hope that we get to work together again in the future. I recommend Irum as both a student's teacher and a teacher's teacher; her philosophies and good vibes will be sure to give back to you long after you have parted ways.

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Irum is the quintessential Yoga Teacher, Leader, Mentor, Spiritual Guide. She encourages, supports and inspires, through example, those who wish to learn the essence of living a balanced, spiritual, meditative, healthy existence. Her teaching style is non-threatening with her soft, gentle mannerisms. Her years of experience in yoga practice and vast knowledge of its philosophy are self-evident and ever-present in all she exudes and imparts to her students.

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I have recently completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training with Irum and Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones. Right before the training was to begin, I had become mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically drained dwelling in a dark place. In the beginning, there were many weekends where I did not think I was going get through the training.


With the support, encouragement, knowledge, and guidance of Irum and Jo Ann, I was able to finish my training capturing a renewed spirit and physical well being. My transformation would not have happened without Irum's and Jo Ann's deep love and expertise of yoga practice and philosophy.

Words cannot express my gratitude to having these two amazing people in my life who have shared the knowledge and tools required to guide others with beginning a yoga journey. Namaste - Pat Lanciano

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Beautiful old soul who teaches yoga from the inside out

Consider yourself very lucky to get yoga instruction from Irum. She radiates pure joy and knowledge and her inner beauty is infectious. She'll help you let go of inhibitions and get in touch with your own inner knowledge of yoga--which is what it's truly about! Wish I had more starts to give her.

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Children's Yoga at Head Start Montessori School

Irum Naqvi held a 3 week yoga workshop for preschool and toddler teachers at Head Start Montessori School. She did half hour yoga class with both preschoolers and toddlers for 3 consecutive weeks.
We have in cooperated yoga in our children's daily schedule.

We have noticed a marked change in our young students who have demonstrated more self control and calm behaviour.

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Well-experienced, knowledgeable, offers balanced perspective and was a sturdy pillar of support for teacher training.

Would highly recommend!

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A gem of a teacher

I am very fortunate to have been a student of Irum's. She is a beautiful teacher who imparts wisdom derived from years of her own devoted practice. A master of asanas and yoga philosophy, Irum is a mentor of the yogic lifestyle. She taught me the power of yoga to transform and move energy in the body (and that everything in life is better with cinnamon). I highly recommend her teacher training as well as her classes and bodywork.

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time with Irum is utterly unique!

Irum is a wonderful, compassionate, and inquisitive teacher. She leads by example while maintaining a deep openness to conversation and inquiry with students, always allowing space for their own experiences and ideas. To top it all off, she is so loving and fun; time with her is truly one of the pleasures of this world!

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A Great teacher and a role model

Irums classes revive me mentally, physically, and spiritually. Love being around her

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Blissful, Professional and Talented

Having practiced yoga with Irum in 7 different countries, and seeing her teach to people from all walks of life and to countless of different narionalities, i observed how her style is based on a universal approach which has a unique internal reward for anyone who lets him/herself guided by this loving, professional and experienced yoga teacher!!! I wish you all good fun and enjoy the process to internal peace!!

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Irum is amazing!

Irum is one of the finest yoga teachers I've ever practiced with. She is knowledgeable, spiritual and full of love!

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Irum is very committed to her craft and cares about her students well being. She is very thorough and takes the time to ensure that her students understand the benefits of each pose. It is the best one hour you can invest in your own well being.

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Amazing beauitful & inspiring instructor

Highly recommend Irum for a whole body mind spirit development - she will allow you to surpass and let go of your own expectations to enhance your ability for self enlightenment. She completely changed my life and no thanks or recommendation can say enough. Namaste yogis!

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Irum Rocks!

Irum is a centered beacon of light - her yoga style and teachings are very beautiful. She brings wisdom, experience and her genuine commitment to each student ;)

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Masterful teacher

I have come to understand yoga as the union of the body, the mind and the spirit through the breath.
Irum, my teacher, connects her students to the practice of yoga through the union of humor, compassion and love.
I am a grateful student.

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Simply the best Yoga teacher you could have!!

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Trying to distill Irum down to a few superlative adjectives would be egotistical. She defies classification. She is an archetype, a pioneer in personality and mentality. She lives with fluidity, generosity, and humor. Emotionally, she is unassailably strong yet infinitely connected to others. She leads by example, but never makes you feel like you are being led. You trust her, you respect her, and you want to hang out with her.

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Calming presence

Irum's steady and calming presence provides students with the confidence to grow.

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Nurturing Teacher

I have embarked on yoga in the true essence with Irum as my first real teacher. I am glad that this was the case. I find Irum to be a very nurturing and caring teacher. For me she embodies the holistic meaning of yoga which is not only about asanas and getting the posture right; it is about where I am as an individual learner and my growth not only physically but spiritually and emotionally. With Irum I feel that each session is a discovery - where am I? How deeper can I go? How do I feel? In her classes there is always room for reflection and growth in a very supportive environment. I look forward to all my sessions.

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Great yoga teacher!

Irum was my yoga teacher training instructor, she is very patient, friendly, and very skilled in the art of yoga. She takes her time with students and takes a humanistic approach to teaching. I recommend her as a teacher.

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Wonderful teacher and amazing human being!

I have known Irum for several years now and have to say that she is one of the most beautiful, spiritual people I have ever known! She is a very enlightened person and so much fun to be with. I have learned so much from her and can't wait until she returns to Costa Rica!

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The epitomy of good karma!

Irum is a wonderful and calming spirit to be around and a blessing for anyone to have as a friend. She is a well respected mentor who has traveled the world and one who lives and practices the mantra of yoga.