Isabel Bruner


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Coming to yoga from a background of professional dance, both as a dancer and a dance teacher over 20 years. Isabel has a deep understanding of how the body moves and brings this into her yoga teaching and her own personal yoga practice. Isabel is also trained in Early Childhood movement, fitness, pilates, toniq and aerobics.

In a class with Isabel you will quickly learn to connect with your body and breath and develop the foundations for a stronger and more fluid practice.

Isabel received her yoga teacher training qualification from the Yoga Dharma School in Tel Aviv. Over the last 7 years she has studied and practiced Ashtanga yoga, Iyengar yoga and Vinyasa yoga. She is grateful to her teachers Anat Zahor, Simon Marrocco, Nancy Gardush, Olivia David, Roee Weiis, Jemie Marks, Jean Campbell and Dena Ginsberg.

Her approach to teaching:

"I believe in learning from love and strong faith. As a teacher I can only be a guide, I cannot 'give' anything. Each person must find that truth for themselves. I am not teaching anyone anything that does not exist within. I believe in being variable at any given moment with each individual, giving exactly what is needed at that time. In this journey of my life I have learnt a lot. There is always more to learn and teach and I enjoy this process very much."

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