Isabella Dove

United Arab Emirates
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Mind and body movement and dance have been with me since the age of 5. Exploring Art and Communication and their common expression.
Yoga & Wellbeing is what I do full time and reach for excellence since I quit a fabulous International Corporate Job. I embody an expat experience of living over 20 countries over 4 continents and bring in my yoga teaching methods and practice life coaching, communication and inter-personnal skills. A first Yoga and Healing Studio in 2010 in Laos, served a growing community with Yoga classes, wellness treatments and Reiki certified courses. It also helped further refining my passion. A second Yoga studio was built and established in a remote area of West Africa as a social and empowerment business.
Life is full of surprise good and less good. The sudden unexpected passing of my only daughter entirely overhauled my whole life and wide-opened a yogi lifestyle for me.
Yoga is empowerment for the individual and communities. It brings the best out people. I guide Yin, Hatha, Hatha Flow, Ashtanga Primary Series classes, Flow and often Yoga Nidra classes. My passion is change, neuroscience, yoga, and Zen and how to accompany people on their journey to change, and exploration of body and mind. I have studied yoga in India, including with Mataji Usha Devi, direct student of BKS Iyengar in Rishikesh and Guruji BNS Iyengar, direct student of Sri Krishnamacharia, in Mysore, Karnataka, Classes both private, and small or large groups are held in English, French or Italian. See my blog for full detailed profile.


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

28 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
A true yogi with a warm soul

Isabella is a very competent teacher from whom I've learnt proper foundations.
She's a hands on teacher with a warm soul. She explains, adjusts, pushes you where necessary.
Isabella knows techniques and her classes are both mind and body focused.
Bottom line, the crazy in her soul connected with the crazy in mine and my practice has come a long way since experiencing yoga with her.


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Yoga classes with Isabella can be an addiction yes. She is so experienced that from the moment she steps into class, she immediately understands her students' different level and needs and adapts her lesson in a way that will satisfie both begginers and experienced ones. No question is left unaswered in any aspect of yoga, she is like an egyclopedia. No posture is left without proper correction in allignment or explanation on its purpose. She is a communicative and kind person and I just love her teaching. Anyone would!

Isabella DoveAugust 1, 2017
thank you

It is wothpleasure we answer questions! If only more would ask !!!
Tha k you for your kind words.

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Learning from every practice

We love going to Isha's Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin classes and learn so much from each of them. Isha shows her care for her students through thoughtful adjustments, teaching and sequencing. We love that each class is a little different and enjoy that Isha balances alignment/strength/teaching with giving space for a personal practice. Thank you for the great support and sincere care in your classes Isha.

Isabella DoveMay 9, 2017
thank you

It is always a pleasure to meet welcoming attitude and open space to learning and sharing!

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Just wanting to let you know that I am really enjoying classes where Isha is the teacher.
She guides us and explains the correct procedure for each pose so that I can understand what benefits I should be receiving from each pose. I feel as though I am learning and improving through her guidance and encouragement.


Sometimes yoga teachers just do their own practice but do not really teach the students. When I’m in such a cIass, I feel as though I’m just joining in their practice and mimicking them without understanding what I’m doing.

Isha gauges the ability of individual students in the class and tailors the lesson to suit each student accordingly.
She captures the essence of yoga by instructing us and guiding us while maintaining a sense of fun. It allows me to really experience the benefits of yoga.

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A motivator !

Isabella for me was the perfect yoga instructor. I found all the quality of a teacher in her.Her explanations, sternness, encouragement and communication skills made me stay on with the boot camp and helped me loose wait.I always felt motivated in all her classes.I had always wanted to practice yoga and with what she has given me will try my best to stick to it. I have had a lot of chance to introspect myself in her classes which has helped me to be more focused.

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New perspective

I enjoyed doing the YTTC 500 with Isabella in Rishikesh in April 2016. She brought the methodology approach for teaching, which is not very common is most of TTC trainings. Her "western world" approach and vision of yoga practice introduced to a traditional Indian teaching was refreshing. Isabella allow students to share and bring question to discuss as a group. She brings light structure in the teaching training. I was comfortable to share with her on any subject and it made my experience even more enjoyable. Thanks dear Isabella for your openneness and dedication to the classes.

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I am at Isabella class for the bootcamp August/September 2016 session. Which has been a great experience for me as it is my first bootcamp and yoga class in my life. I loved it and I will try to keep exploring which she has taught me. She taught us yoga with lots of tips and posture with right breathing style which I felt very useful in our busy lifestyle. As my motto was to loose weight, get more energized and definitely I loosed weight of 4.5kg, loosed inches got toned, had more energy and inner peace which is most important in my life.I will be back again to explore more about yoga with Isabella I pay my gratitude from my heart to teach the things we don’t know before. Thanks you very much (Grazie Mille) and see you soon.

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She is full of energy and love.

Isabella DoveAugust 5, 2016
Thank you

Mojtaba, yoga gives me plenty energy to use for good purposes,!,

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Methodology in Mysuru

Thanks Isabella, all the information shared on methodology classes helped me to grow, definitely is important be more conscious about the way we teach, how to be more than an instructor, a teacher. Really enjoyed the classes.

Isabella DoveAugust 4, 2016

Namaste Jose, definitely you have the motivation for integrating the knowledge and skills for observation and grow as a teacher. I wish you all the very best with Koshas.

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highly knowledgable in teaching methodology

I thoroughly enjoyed Isabella's methodology class. She is extremely knowledgable in yoga and I learnt a wealth of knowledge from her regarding methodology - how to effectively communicate as a yoga teacher. I did not realize there are so many aspects to effectively delivering a yoga class. She gives excellent advice and suggestions on delivering a captivating and enjoyable class. Her Vast amount of knowledge and experience in yoga and methodology/communication is very impressive and highly commendable. Thank you Isabella, I really enjoyed your classes. I hope to see you again soon!

Isabella DoveAugust 4, 2016
thank you

Teaching frpm the heart with a focus to inspire is my aim.

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I am very happy to have had Isabella as metodology teacher as a part of the teacher-training in Rishikesh @Yoga Villa. It was superhelpful to learn about the way to teach Yoga to become a teacher and not just a instructor because Yoga is so much more than just asanas... she helped me to jump across my boarders and find the teacher inside me. I also attended a Hatha class of her which was amazing. Overall I can say: "isabella u inspired me, thank u for everything:-*"

Isabella DoveJune 6, 2016

Vanessa when students and teachers meet there is a great meeting of inspiration.. keep blossoming beauty-fully

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Helped me learn more about yoga

I am grateful to have taken yoga classes with Isabella in Ouagadougou and Laos even having travelled to Vang Vieng for two days for a great yoga retreat. I am relatively new to yoga and enjoyed experiencing and learning about the different practices (Hatha and Yin). I will certainly take another of Isabella’s classes as and when the opportunity arises.

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A memorable class

I stumbled across Isabelle's workshop, Yin Yoga Nidra, in Dubai and it was a very pleasant surprise. Isabelle has so much knowledge and expertise to share on the yoga mat. The 2.5 hour workshop flew by like a breeze and the pranayama, asanas, and yoga nidra all worked towards rebooting the body and empowering the heart-mind to support in the manifestation of resolutions.

Isabella DoveJanuary 30, 2016
thank you

Thank you Lamis and all the best for your YTT Course. I look forward to being back in Dubai soon...

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Lezione a Vang Vieng

Ciao Isabella, volevo ringraziarti ancora per la tua lezione a Vang Vieng. Grazie per la tua pazienza e disponibilità. Mi sono sentita accolta e completamente a mio agio e ho potuto, in questo modo, abbandonare completamente il corpo e lasciarmi guidare dal respiro.
Grazie infinite per questa esperienza. Un caro saluto

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Semer une graine

C'est un hasard, une coincidence qui au détour d'un voyage, au bord de la nam song river m'a fait croiser la route d'Isabella. Je n'avais jamais fait de yoga et les deux cours que j'ai pris avec elle il y a quelques semaines ont changé ma vie.
Un rapport au corps spirituel et respectueux, des enchainements d'exercices fluides mais intenses. J'ai aimé la sérénité et la force tranquille qu'Isabella nous transmettaient. Merci pour cette graine semée.

Isabella DoveJanuary 14, 2016
Sowing a Seed

Translation of the above comment from Rachel Cordier:
[ quote] Unexpected encounter during a journey in laos by the nam song river, I met isabella. I had never had done yoga before and the 2 classes I took with her [Silver Naga Hotel, Vang Vieng] changed my life. She built respectful and spiritual rapport with the body during a fluid yet intense sequence. I loved her serene and calm strength. Thank you for having sown a seed. [end of quote]

Merci Rachel, sowing seed is my job and it seems I have succeeded. Let it blossom now !

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Fantastic private classes!

Could enjoy several private 1:1 classes with Isabella. Liked it very much.
We worked in different ways - sometimes moving and energetic and sometime very intense and deep without so many movements.
Additional to the fantastic "bodywork" amazing spiritual and energetic experiences.
Hope to enjoy more classes with Isabella.
Thank you Isabella - namaste