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United Arab Emirates
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When I lived in India and taught several series of 200hrs and 300hrs YTTC at large groups of students, I understood how critical was my decision to have taken an additional YTT module on teaching methodology in Bangkok at Yoga Elements Studio the previous It isn't fair to teach yoga when all there is is a practice; it isn't fair to students and to myself either. With that module in my training credits, I was able to overhaul my teaching style so that the message comes through and people trust me and feel safe. Not only does it feel good to teach, rather it feels good to have someone expressing their trust with feedbacks such as i feel better about myself.
Since the age of 5, my interests in energy and body movement guided my choices of expressions and later on I explored Mindfulness, Art, and Communication and their common expressions from Meditation to Holistic Therapies to NLP. If Neuroscience wouldn't require medical background I would have been a neuroscientist. Instead, I turned on to communication, training of trainers, behavioral studies, and life coaching.

Yoga, meditation, conscious living, and wellbeing is what I do full time and reach for excellence when I quit a fabulous International Corporate Job in 2009. I bring my expat experience of living over 20 countries over 4 continents to my yoga teaching methods and teach sessions guiding and empowering people using protocols from life coaching, communication, and interpersonal skills. I owned two yoga studios, one in 2010 in Laos and one in 2014 in a remote area of West Africa. Both were social enterprises and empowering hubs for Holistic arts, artistic creators and Yoga Teaching.

Life is full of surprises and challenges, and the sudden unexpected passing of my only daughter entirely overhauled my whole life and wide-opened a Zen, yogi lifestyle for me. To read more about how yoga and meditation helped overcome life challenges, pick up my book on an Amazon shelve Everything is Fine Mama, the way of the mango girl.

I guide Yin, Hatha, Hatha Flow, Flow, and often Yoga Nidra classes. My passion is change, somatic work, neuroscience, yoga, and Zen and how to accompany people on their journey to change, and exploration of body and mind. I have studied yoga in India, including with Mataji Usha Devi, a direct student of BKS Iyengar in Rishikesh and Guruji BNS Iyengar, a direct student of Sri Krishnamacharia, in Mysore, Karnataka, Classes both private and small or large groups are held in English, French or Italian. See my blog for full detailed profile. In 2015 I completed 50 hrs yoga teaching methodology course in award-winning Yoga Elements Studio Bangkok. The course gave my teaching skills an overarching aim of guaranteeing that learning occurs rather than mimicking my demonstrations
In Dubai since 2016 first as Yoga coach at former 136.1 Yoga Studio Dubai Marina, now Trident Wellness Center LLC i also doubled up as co-manager of the studio over one full year. it was the most challenging time of my yoga journey as it revealed to me how business practices in such a booming sector must be kept with ethics often dramatically and dangerously lacking.
Four full years serving Dubai's growing Yoga communities with drive, purpose, experience and seasoned coaching skills I co-managed Dubai largest Yoga Studio before signing up for my own FreeLancing license as a Yoga Coach team member of Phoenix Rising UAE.
I like to work with whoever looks for foundations and mindful movement and learning to tune in breath-based movement.


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

38 Reviews

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Isabella has been not just a yoga teacher for me but a true friend and a source of inspiration. Careful, rigorous but also gentle and in the practice, she manages to convey the sense of yoga not only on the mat but in everyday life.

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A chance to develop your practice safely and consciously

Isabella is passionate and she takes you and your body seriously. She goes very much into detail to support you developing your practice continuously. A mature teacher, with a wealth of experience, she makes you feel safe and confident. After many months of regular classes with Isabella, there is always a new Yoga element to discover or develop.

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Love this class

I enjoy the energy Isabella creats within her class room ,very focused,relaxing and challenging when needed,I appreciate the small ques Givin during class all are on point and serves students from all levels, her yin classes are the best in town ❤

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Grateful student

Isabella is one of the rare teachers in the world I would never stop following and listening. Her knowledge is beyond any word can explain. Her teachings are grounded and full of knowledge in between. Pleasure to know her and grateful to be one of her student in Adhar and Drashta teacher trainings. Thank you

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Restorative class

Isabella's yoga class are always great. She is a very open and approachable person, always willing to teach her students, giving attention to whoever needs it, always creating good energy and sense of group in the class. Her personality combined with a deep knowledge of yoga, her experience and creativity, make her classes always an enjoyable experience.


I highly recommend Isabella's Restorative yoga class incorporated recently to the studio by her. It is a very subtle way to reconnect with our inner self, creating a kind intimacy able to solve that discomfort between body and mind surrendering to the gravity force. We remain still in the pouses with the sole intenttion of letting go. The voice of Isabella guides you on this inner journey. You can expect music, sounds of nature, even gongs or just the silence to enjoy the "yoga spa", as she uses to call it.

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Isabella is a gift! She is the best teacher I’ve had

I started going to Isabella’s classes 4 months ago. I started going to her almost exclusively because I was learning so much. She teaches from the soul - not just about the body/exercise parts of yoga. She has high expectations but you will make great progress if you stick with her. Her depth of experience and commitment to teaching make her a teacher you will be glad you tried.

Isabella DoveDecember 7, 2017
thank you

Aura your commitment and dedicatjon match my teaching intentions !

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Thank you

Isabella is a very experienced and friendly teacher. I am folliwing Hatha, Vyniasa, Yin and from time to time Restorative yoga. I highly recommend her classes.

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One of the best teacher I had

Isabella is one of my favorite yoga teacher in Dubai. Thanks to her, I've improved many asanas, through different techniques. She feels very concerned by student's alignement and comes very often to correct you. She does not let you in the corner, whatever your level.
The pace of her class is a perfect balance between yin and yang poses, between strength and breathing.
Thanks a million Isha for making me love going to class every time!
NB: last but not least, she knows how to make you like Utkatasana & Handstands ;)

Isabella DoveNovember 14, 2017
thank you

Sense of humour is a welcoming attotude to yiga as wwll as in life n est ca pas Julie?
Thank you

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An outstanding and inspirational teacher

Isha is a fantastic teacher and I love her classes. I only started yoga 6 months ago but her patience, support and dedication have changed how I see yoga as an holistic practice and I'm a total convert. I was a complete novice and struggled in the past when I tried yoga but Isha is extremely encouraging and takes time to get to know her students and what they need on a very personal level-she's just fab. Her knowledge is amazing and her lessons are awesome. She's made me a total yoga convert and really changed my mindset.

Isabella DoveNovember 13, 2017
thank you

Thank you it is with dedication and patience indeed that teaching plants seeds.. keep going!

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Fantastic Yoga Teacher

Isabella's classes are fabulous. Her vinyasa class is set at the perfect pace for me, the sequences she uses are really quite beautiful and there is always a slight variation which keeps it interesting and the challenge is always there as well. Never a dull moment and it never feels repetitive at all which I find very important so that our bodies don't just go into auto pilot.


Isabella explains asanas really clearly and demonstrates as well as adjusting, and she tailors classes to the people in the room which shows her in depth knowledge and experience and ease as a teacher. My yoga practice has improved quite a bit since attending her classes. I learn something new each time! I love the way her classes are never the same however they follow certain themes and the classic postures are always there. Her yin yoga classes are amazing - deep stretching and then relaxation - I walk out on a cloud feeling so light. Can't recommend her classes highly enough. Thank you Isha!!

Isabella DoveSeptember 9, 2017
thank you

Thank you Jeanne ! Lovely students like you make it fun to teach because the eagerness to improve and welcoming attitude

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Passionate about seeing you progress and develop

I have had the pleasure of Isha guide me regularly for the past 5 months. The thing that sets Isha apart from others, is her interest and care to see you grow and support your body's alignment. She is very approachable and happy to answer any questions or concerns. Her classes are always different (she is not using the same routine each class - which makes it interesting. They are also really well thought out, so we work different body parts each time. So happy to have her in my life.

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A true yogi with a warm soul

Isabella is a very competent teacher from whom I've learnt proper foundations.
She's a hands on teacher with a warm soul. She explains, adjusts, pushes you where necessary.
Isabella knows techniques and her classes are both mind and body focused.
Bottom line, the crazy in her soul connected with the crazy in mine and my practice has come a long way since experiencing yoga with her.


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Yoga classes with Isabella can be an addiction yes. She is so experienced that from the moment she steps into class, she immediately understands her students' different level and needs and adapts her lesson in a way that will satisfie both begginers and experienced ones. No question is left unaswered in any aspect of yoga, she is like an egyclopedia. No posture is left without proper correction in allignment or explanation on its purpose. She is a communicative and kind person and I just love her teaching. Anyone would!

Isabella DoveAugust 1, 2017
thank you

It is wothpleasure we answer questions! If only more would ask !!!
Tha k you for your kind words.

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Learning from every practice

We love going to Isha's Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin classes and learn so much from each of them. Isha shows her care for her students through thoughtful adjustments, teaching and sequencing. We love that each class is a little different and enjoy that Isha balances alignment/strength/teaching with giving space for a personal practice. Thank you for the great support and sincere care in your classes Isha.

Isabella DoveMay 9, 2017
thank you

It is always a pleasure to meet welcoming attitude and open space to learning and sharing!

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Just wanting to let you know that I am really enjoying classes where Isha is the teacher.
She guides us and explains the correct procedure for each pose so that I can understand what benefits I should be receiving from each pose. I feel as though I am learning and improving through her guidance and encouragement.


Sometimes yoga teachers just do their own practice but do not really teach the students. When I’m in such a cIass, I feel as though I’m just joining in their practice and mimicking them without understanding what I’m doing.

Isha gauges the ability of individual students in the class and tailors the lesson to suit each student accordingly.
She captures the essence of yoga by instructing us and guiding us while maintaining a sense of fun. It allows me to really experience the benefits of yoga.

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A motivator !

Isabella for me was the perfect yoga instructor. I found all the quality of a teacher in her.Her explanations, sternness, encouragement and communication skills made me stay on with the boot camp and helped me loose wait.I always felt motivated in all her classes.I had always wanted to practice yoga and with what she has given me will try my best to stick to it. I have had a lot of chance to introspect myself in her classes which has helped me to be more focused.

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New perspective

I enjoyed doing the YTTC 500 with Isabella in Rishikesh in April 2016. She brought the methodology approach for teaching, which is not very common is most of TTC trainings. Her "western world" approach and vision of yoga practice introduced to a traditional Indian teaching was refreshing. Isabella allow students to share and bring question to discuss as a group. She brings light structure in the teaching training. I was comfortable to share with her on any subject and it made my experience even more enjoyable. Thanks dear Isabella for your openneness and dedication to the classes.