Isabella Dove

United Arab Emirates
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Mind and body movement and dance have been with me since the age of 5. Exploring Art and Communication and their common expression.
Yoga & Wellbeing is what I do full time and reach for excellence since I quit a fabulous International Corporate Job. I embody an expat experience of living over 20 countries over 4 continents and bring in my yoga teaching methods and practice life coaching, communication and inter-personnal skills. A first Yoga and Healing Studio in 2010 in Laos, served a growing community with Yoga classes, wellness treatments and Reiki certified courses. It also helped further refining my passion. A second Yoga studio was built and established in a remote area of West Africa as a social and empowerment business.
Life is full of surprise good and less good. The sudden unexpected passing of my only daughter entirely overhauled my whole life and wide-opened a yogi lifestyle for me.
Yoga is empowerment for the individual and communities. It brings the best out people. I guide Yin, Hatha, Hatha Flow, Ashtanga Primary Series classes, Flow and often Yoga Nidra classes. My passion is change, neuroscience, yoga, and Zen and how to accompany people on their journey to change, and exploration of body and mind. I have studied yoga in India, including with Mataji Usha Devi, direct student of BKS Iyengar in Rishikesh and Guruji BNS Iyengar, direct student of Sri Krishnamacharia, in Mysore, Karnataka, Classes both private, and small or large groups are held in English, French or Italian. See my blog for full detailed profile.


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

28 Reviews

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Isabella DoveJanuary 4, 2016
Xie Xie

Namaste back to you Ariane, see you soon again !

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yoga nidra session in BKK

Thanks to Isabella for this magical session. My body was so tired after a lot of asanas practices and this was exactly what I needed to! Isabella brought us in a beautiful journee and guided us smoothly and gently toward the relaxation and the interior peace!

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Balanced, calm and strong

Isabella's classes are a fantastic mix of spiritual, meditative and body stretching. She strikes a great balance between demonstrating, talking through the moves, adjusting and encouraging us to take the pose that one step further. Her calm, meditative style gives the class a sense of serenity and togetherness. She is patient with everyone, understanding that class members have differing levels of experience, but manages to include everyone, and ensure that each student gets the maximum benefit from each yoga session. Hope to enjoy more classes with Isabella, either here in China or Laos, or Bangkok. Namaste.

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Best Yoga Class I've Ever Taken

Isabella's yoga classes helped me through an emotionally very difficult time in my life. I found her to be exceptionally knowledgable, supportive and challenging. I left all her classes with a wonderful feeling of calm that lasted for hours, and when I practice yoga on my own, it is her voice I hear in my head, "inhale....exhale...". I only wish we lived in the same country so that I could continue to benefit from her years of experience.

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Thanks Isabella!

Isabella is an experienced, sensible yoga teacher with many different skills, she taught us theory and postures during our 5 days retreat in a very accurate way. All of us have improved our practice :)

Isabella DoveNovember 28, 2015

I had much pleasure at shsring mybpracrice with all of you. We were a nice group....

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Samadhi Retreat Laos

Isabella is an amazing woman with global experiences and knowledge to share! She delivered an invigorating wholistic yoga program that deepened our worldview understanding of Yoga & asanas. Follow her movements to join a class or retreat !

Isabella DoveNovember 27, 2015

Rachel, only a reflection of your own light!

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It is all about synchronicity! I came to know Isabella and Healing Mudras late 2012. In my role as guide and personal growth facilitator, I came to recognise and appreciate Isabella's commitment to her personal growth and to partnering for personal and social transformation.


Through my personal and professional relationship with Isabella, as well as through her Reiki healing work, exposure to her Yoga teaching and working with her personally in Empowerment Life Coaching, I have gotten to know her as an individual who has deep commitment to personal and collective healing. I have come to value Isabella as friend and co-traveler on the journey of transformation. I have also been challenged by Isabella's raw authenticity in everything she does, something I value in the people I interact with. She is a person of encouraging and inspiring integrity, insight, intuitive knowing and indescribable resilience. It is an honour traveling with Isabella, Healing Mudras and now Ubuntu4Change. It will continue to be a privilege to continue partnering with Isabella in personal and global transformation.

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Wishing I had access to Isabella's classes now

Getting exposed to Isabella and her yoga classes was probably the greatest thing that happened to me last year and I miss the benefits I gained from that wonderful experience. Isabella was a very caring instructor from the onset, clearly passionate about yoga and also about sharing her love for yoga, all the while strengthening her classes' participants. I am still seeking an instructor who can provide the same atmosphere and openness that Isabella offered. Most of all, I am grateful for having the opportunity to learn from this amazing woman.

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good yoga teacher

Isabella Dove is a good yoga teacher who's got a lot to share. She has mixed Yin and Hatha yoga asanas, which gives her students a good balance between Yin and Yang. After her class, you'll simply feel good!

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A mervellous, very soft and experimented teacher

During almost 2 years I had the opportunity to follow lessons wirh Isabella in Ouagadougou and for me this was a great pleasure: physically, spiriatually and helped me a lot...I can only recommend her with all my hart...

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Pure light

Isabella brought me smoothly into yoga after several unconvincing experiences.


I appreciate :
> the balance between attention to body, breath and soul;
> the variety of the content, never twice exactly the same pattern;
> the clear focus on one main subject per class, giving me the feeling that I am walking to reach some point;
> the freedom to respect my limit together with the stimulation to go as far as comfortable for me here and now;
> the open-mindedness to blend yin yoga with any relevant inspiration;
> the feeling that she knows what she's talking about (anatomic references supporting explanations on a posture, for example);
> the incarnation that yoga is a way of life even more than a punctual practice;
> the love, positive vibration and light she shares spontaneously with her environment.

Thank you Isabella for all this <3

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it's about the journey, not the destination

Yoga with Isabella is a life experience.
I higly reccomend her not only for her huge experience but also for her big heart.

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Helped me over come a major accident

I was able to practice with Isabella during her time in west Africa. When I started practicing with her I had just had a major injury where I had severed my anterior tibialis on one leg and my retinaculum on another leg. By practicing with her for almost a year I was able to regain almost all mobility back fully. My intrinsic muscles would have never recovered so well without her practice. It was also a very lonely time in my life and I looked forward to her class for grounding, purpose and friendship. She is a wonderful teacher that has a lot of wisdom to share.

Isabella DoveAugust 8, 2015
high spirit

Thank you Jonetta, your high spirit was a key driving force for our studio. Be well, and take very good care