Isabelle Delaunay

La Ciotat

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I first started practicing yoga in 2001.
I was pregnant of my first child and looking for an holistic practice, respectful of this new life to come, and which would accompanied me physically, emotionnally and spiritually during this 9 months « adventure ».
In 2008, I went to an Ashtanga yoga class and I felt I found my pratice!
It was quite challenging during the class and so soft and calm inside afterwards !
I was hooked by the fluidity, the grace of the practice and sensible to the qualities the Ashtanga Yoga develops such as strength, balance, flexibility, body awareness and many more.
I moved to Aix en Provence in 2009 and keep on practicing at the Yama studio founded, by Vanessa Brouillet.
Precise and generous as a teacher, Vanessa allowed me to enhance, deepen my practice and gave me also the opportunity to teach my first yoga class.
I really love it and I quickly decided to do the Ashtanga Yoga teaching training at the EFAY in Paris.
This school has been created 12 years ago by Caroline Boulinguez, pioneer of the Ashtanga Yoga in France.
It is recognized for the quality of its teaching as well as its teachers expertise and it is certified Yoga Alliance (500 hours).
I do see Yoga as a way to develop our inner listening, to be more present in our day to day lives.
I am passionate about what we can learn on ourselves when we are settled into the breath, settled into the posture or how the practice can tranform ourselves….Practicing Yoga to be in touch with one self.
Teaching Yoga is for me a moment of exchange, sharing and joy with the students.


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