Isabelle Mollien

Denver, CO
United States

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Hello! What I teach is Qigong (pronounced Chi Gong), a 5000 year-old body/mind exercise that promotes health, vitality and longetivity. It reduces the effects of stress and it is very gentle and good for all ages.

I have been practicing Qigong since 2001 and teaching it since 2006.
I am a certified Radiant Lotus Qigong, which is a Women's only Qigong. Radiant Lotus Qigong is taught to Women and focuses on the specific organ and hormonal systems of Women. The movements, breath and intention of this program increase qi and blood circulation, improve lymph function and promote overall health.
…And we have fun in the process!

I consider myself a student first and a teacher second. I love to share what I know and it is always amazing to me to see and hear of the results that this practice brings!


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