Isabelle von Boetticher Fouchard

Cap Haitien

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I mainly practice and teach Hatha Flow, Ashtanga and Vinyasa. Warming up, Savasana and mindfulness meditation is an important part of my yoga practice. I‘m looking forward to seeing you on the mat and practicing together.
I also offer private classes - just call me.

I started my own yoga practice 20 years ago to have a physical and mental practice that I can do no matter where in the world I am, how much space available and independantly of others practicing with me. Before that, I used to play Tennis, Fieldhockey, Volleyball and Golf and immediately found myself more balanced and even performing better in these sports when doing yoga just before.
In the beginning yoga was more a physical acivity to me and I opened up and practiced the spiritual and mental part only after I had my son and also went through different changes and transformations in my formerly professional corporate career. Since then all just fell into place and daily yoga became more like a lifestyle to me, a healthy&hollistic way of living my well-being.


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