Isis du Jour

Scaynes Hill
West Sussex
United Kingdom

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Soul Flow Yoga is run by Isis du Jour and provides vinyasa- and prenatal yoga classes in Sussex.
Soul Flow Yoga has started from a passion for vinyasa, the flowing connection between movement and breath, and the deeper meaning and grounding that yoga brings.

"In the beginning of 2017, I moved to the UK with my husband and our son from Amsterdam, where I have grown up. Back in the Netherlands I have been teaching yoga at different yoga studios, gyms, offices and at private settings.
Now being settled in the UK and living in the countryside, it brings me a lot of joy and satisfaction to share yoga and mindful practices with the local community as I believe that it can do so much good and contributes to a more conscious and healthy lifestyle for all.
I have first came in contact with yoga myself during my first trip to India, many years ago. 
The practice of yoga made me realize the change which appears, the moment you integrate yoga into your daily life. The moment you start practicing yoga on- and off the mat, something magical starts to happen.
Through further study, not only of the physical part of yoga, but also the philosophy, I really became convinced, that yoga is always going to be a part of my life and lifestyle.

I have been training with some great teachers in Amsterdam and abroad. I am a certified vinyasa yoga teacher and Birthlight prenatal yoga teacher.
After completing my first teacher training I came to the conclusion that there is still so much more knowledge to gain and so many more new lessons to learn. Therefore I believe that besides a teacher, I will forever be a student myself as well.
I challenge myself to keep practising, learning and exploring new ways, by an intensive self practice and by trainings and workshop led by other inspiring teachers from different styles and disciplines.

As a teacher I am there to guide you through your experience on the mat and will take you through the flow step-by-step. I feel privileged to be there for you and I would love to meet you at the yoga mat!"


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