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Been on a spiritual search, path and practice since the age of by the will of healing myself and others i spent several years between India, Nepal and Thailand stydying and practicing Hatha Yoga, Ayurvedic medicine specially Ayurvedic massage, Buddhist Philosophy and Psycology concerning the practice of Vipassana meditation belonging to the Theravada Buddhism. I spent 10 winters studying and practing the art of Traditional Thai Massage also called "Thai Yoga Massage" in Chiang Mai , situated in Northern Thailand with diffrent teachers and masters. Recentely also interested in the spiritual path and practices of North and South America. I offer worshops, courses and retreats that include Thai Yoga Massage, Traditional Hatha Yoga and Vipassana Meditation.


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

16 Reviews

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good teacher

the course was interesting and the teacher was able to respond to any need by students

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Inspiring Teacher

I met Ivan in a thai massage school in Thailand we were assitant teachers together. Very nice expirience, I am very happy we met, he's not just a good teacher he's a very nice human being.
With a lot of expirience in giving and teaching massage he is very serious in his spiritual practices, very important part of thai massage.
He's a Sunshine Network authorized teacher, that's already a reason why you should go to study with him.
Sunshine Network provides very good teaching and a long and serious teacher training, trust me I know the bosses :) .
What else... I think I said everything, I really hope we can work together one day.

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great teacher, great person, great heart

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ivan, hart and spirit

Ivan is a very professional teacher of thai massage and yoga. He is a serious person, very prepared, patient and he likes teaching to people.
A good combination of hart and spirit.
He is very generous and he is very much in his path of learning and offering what he receives.

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bellissima esperienza nel corso base di Massage Tai, dove ho potuto avere come docente Ivan, molto preparato, sia tecnicamente che didatticamente. La cura nei particolari, nella spiegazione e la sua esperienza ha fatto grande dono alla nostra esperienza, grazie Ivan

Ivan MediciDecember 16, 2014

grazie a te Denis... spero di rivederti in primavera... buona pratica allora... un abbraccio

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Corso di thai massage a CASINALBO (MO)

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Very good experience

I have done a Thai yoga massage course with Ivan and every day I enjoyed it more. Ivan is a very experienced, intelligent and sensitive teacher, he explains the method very accurately and has a lot of patience. I warmly recommend him as a teacher and a therapist.

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Great experience

I recently attended a 5 day workshop in Italy where Ivan began our day with an optional meditation session followed by a morning yoga routine as Ivan believes yoga prepares your body for the strenuous poses demanded while performing a thai massage - (I agree wholeheartedly). Ivan is a dedicated teacher and made sure he spent equal amounts of time with all students both during class and also answering our questions after class.


It was clear that Ivan has many years experience and was able to translate his class in both Italian and English so his mixed class understood what was being explained at all times. His instruction manual with images is very clear and easy to follow - I still refer back to it. Overall it was a fantastic 5 days I learnt a lot from.

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Un grande Maestro :-)

Ivan è un Maestro di lunga esperienza e con una profonda conoscienza del Thai Yoga Massage.
Con amore e professionalità, pazienza, semplicità ed umiltà d'animo riesce a trasmettere conoscenza e passione per questa antica e preziosa arte creando allo stesso tempo un bellissimo clima di armonia e condivisione nel gruppo dei suoi allievi. Frequentare un corso di Thai Yoga Massage condotto da Ivan ti permette di intraprendere un bellissimo viaggio di crescita professionale ed umana. Una grande opportunità! Assolutamente consigliatissimo!!!! ♡♥♡

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Thai yoga massage, Barcelona 2014

This course was excellent. Ivan is an empathic teacher with lots of knowledge, kindness and wisdom. Am definitely taking another course soon, and feel very grateful that this course and Ivan came on my path. Muchas gracias!

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he tenido el placer de conocer y hacer el curso de masaje tailandes en barcelona con ivan , la practica y teorica a sido muy completa , lo recomiendo totalmente !!!
ojala vulva proximo año con su maestria en este masaje .
muchas gracias
luz y amor!

Ivan MediciAugust 3, 2014

gracias Carla.. a ver si nos vemos el anho que viene.. un abrazooo

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I just finished a Thai Massage Course with Ivan and was an AMAZING experience,he knows what he's teaching with lots of love and pations and keeping our body safe and comfortable during the sessions.
He is also a great masseuse,giving a flowing and professional Thai Yoga MAssage.

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Ivan is a great teacher

Ivan is a wonderful teacher, he is kind and patient. He is also very generous with his time and his knowledge and his time. He pays attention and make sure that the students are familiar with all aspects of the movement.
I highly recommend Ivn's classes

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thai yoga massage course,Casinalbo Mo,May 2014

What a wanderful experience!!! Best teacher ever,best group of students....full connection,full positive energies. I m so glad I could experience it ...Thank you!!!!

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Corso Thay Yoga Massage- maggio 2014, Casinalbo (Mo)

Il corso è stato, a parer mio, ben condotto e ricco di informazioni sia teoriche che pratiche! Come inizio di un percorso è stato avvincente :-)

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The course is definitely very interesting, it provides a lot of information both theoretical and practical, I am so glad to have known this technique, certainly deepen more and more.