Jac Godfrey

Saffron Walden
United Kingdom
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I have been immersed in the practice of yoga and meditation for almost 20 years and as a teacher share more traditional practices which open up the body and mind to create more freedom.
I have founded and now run a yoga & meditation school called 'Mokshala' in Saffron Walden where we hold over 20 classes each week and host workshops, including with internationally renowned teachers. You can take a class with me at Mokshala. I teach classes in Jivamukti Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga and meditation. Mantra and sound (nada yoga) is a very big part of what we do at Mokshala.


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

15 Reviews

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Best yoga teacher in area

Since moving to the Saffron Walden area about six years ago, we have tried and tested quite a few yoga teachers - Jac is by far the best and friendliest, and we highly recommend attending one of her wonderful classes. She is inspiring, helpful and a great teacher.

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wildfire yoga

I started yoga to improve my flexibility. Jac was quite new to teaching when I joined her classes and I have witnessed her true dedication. I have learnt from Jac that there is so much more to yoga than flexibility. It has given me an all round appreciation of my body and mind. I know that I am much healthier. I always thoroughly enjoy Jac's classes and feel great after every one.

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Fundamental healing for me...

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Jac... I first joined her sessions for Mama Flow pregnancy yoga which, I strongly believe, aided my healthy pregnancy and staved off any neck/back/pelvic pain. It was also a really positive way for me to bond with my unborn baby. I continued with postnatal yoga and then 'standard' sessions after my baby was born.


I suffered with postnatal depression and, not only was Jac incredibly kind to me, the yoga sessions were a fundamental healing tool for me during this hideous time. I truly believe they helped me get better quickly. I continue to love Jac's sessions and find them challenging, varied and wonderful for muscle strength, flexibility and general body conditioning. As well as giving me that much-needed thought-provoking 'me' time. She explains everything brilliantly, will always take the time to help you adjust your positions and really instills confidence in your ability. The addition of her knowledge of the teachings, stories and characters relating to yoga makes a real difference. I would recommend her sessions to ANYONE.

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Fantastic yoga teacher

I have been coming to Jac's classes for nearly 2 years now. Her practice is adapted for all abilities and she makes every lesson enjoyable. I always leave with a smile on my face and more importantly my core strength and flexibility have improved immensely.
It's a great way to spend my Tuesday mornings and would highly recommend Jac's classes to anyone.

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Just Perfect!

I started yoga with Jac as a complete beginner and did not know what to expect. From the very first lesson, she was there to guide me through, with patience and understanding to what my body was able to do and what I wanted to get out of her classes. Jac gets 5/5 and is more than what I thought a yoga teacher would be. I have continued with the classes ever since including joining her on the Retreats. I cannot recommend her enough!

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Sunlight and fresh air reaches the northern grey of the UK

Sometimes a place, a country, a city, feels right and sometimes it doesn't. I spent nearly 8 years living in various places in the UK feeling unwelcome, out of sync, basically not at home until I found Jac and her yoga class. I realised that although some places will never be my spiritual home in the physical sense, I found a spiritual home that travels lightly in my soul wherever I go. The joy of the connection felt with Jac and the wonderful people who are drawn her classes remain - leaving me with a positive memory of England.

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Authentic yoga classes

I used to live in Asia and am used to a practise which combines the mind, body and spiritual side of yoga. I tried many different classes in the area and then found Jac. She is the real deal. My yoga has improved and I am tackling poses previously out of my reach with her support and encouragement. Her classes are the highlight of my week.

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Your journey

Jac encourages self-development and discourages self-judgement. It is an easy an environment in which you can set your own goals or just go with the moment; an environment in which you can take and leave as you need. It is deliciously detached but warmly caring.

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Simply the best!

I've been attending Jac's classes since around 2008 (7 years at the time of writing). I had dabbled in yoga for some years before that, but it had never compelled me to pay attention and keep returning to classes....until a friend badgered me to the point of distraction and I went along to try Jac's class. Within 2 classes, I had totally "got" what it was I hadn't been "getting" from any other teacher.


It was the utter peace, tranquility, confidence and pure goodwill which Jac shines forth from her lovely person through her yoga practice and in turn to her students. It rolls off her in visible waves. Stepping into Jac's classes is like a warm, enveloping area of self and mutual love and respect. It's so much more than a collection of well put together asanas to make a flow class...I mean it's that, yes, but so much more. To me, Jac has brought me and yoga together to make it a now very essential part of my life. It's like I wasn't breathing properly before. I didn't see myself and others properly before. And I didn't used to deal with stress and emotions before - they dealt with me! Coupled with the fact that my whole body just looks and feels different now. It's amazing!

A huge thank you to Jac for who she is and what she does. She has truly found her vocation through her absolute love of yoga and helping others grow and understand it.

Alexis Starr (Yogini just starting on her journey!)

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Jac Godfrey - feedback/review

Jac is an amazing teacher. She brings to her teaching a huge range of skills: from precision in demonstrating the physical poses to her innate spirituality.

I come back to her classes time and again, including attending workshops and going on retreat, as quite simply I have not found anyone better.

Humour pervades all that she does. Classes are fun – they are difficult (!) . challenging on so many levels.

Without exception, I always feel better afterwards and for some time afterwards too!

Jac lives and breathes her yoga practice. She has enormous integrity and passion.

Her enthusiasm cannot help but inspire others... it certainly has inspired me!

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Fantastic Yoga teacher

I have only positive things to say about Jac and her teaching. The atmosphere is very warm and welcoming and she made me feel completely at home from my first lesson.

The pacing of her classes are spot on leaving me feeling both relaxed and energised at the end of each class.

She also have a lovely balance of lots of variety, while still making sure we're getting better at the basics.

Her passionate for Yoga really shows, and helps inspire the rest of us!

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Wildfire Yoga

Jac is a beautifully calm, serene person whose love of yoga, both the physical and spiritual, make her classes so enjoyable.
Jac demonstrates on her own occasionally but more often talks us through postures as she does them and circulates, adjusting our bodies as necessary. We have some fun and try some more advanced postures which can be enlightening and strenuous! Equally I enjoy learning about the more spiritual side of yoga and practising mediation and breathing.
Having practised yoga with a number of teachers, Jac's classes provide the perfect balance for me between stretching, mediation, relaxation and education.

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Wonderful yoga classes localy!

Having practiced different types of yoga for over 10 years, I was very pleased to find Jac's classes and be able to continue with my yoga practice after moving to Bishop's Stortford.
What I like most about Jac's classes is that she carefully structures each class to the different theme or mantra and builds asanas around it, making each class individual and non-repetitive. She also concentrates on the spiritual side of yoga, which often is missed out in many other classes. I utterly enjoy her Monday evening classes which leave you energised and positively charged for the week! Namaste :)

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Saffron Walden Wildfire Yoga

Jac made me feel very welcome and made it easy for a complete novice like myself to start yoga and being a male student that was quite reassuring. I started Yoga to help with neck problems but its has also helped me with stress which is a big plus! Jac explains it all very well and demonstrates the positions very clearly. A great teacher and I really am enjoying learning about yoga in her classes.

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I love Jac's style

I really appreciate the calm and giving atmosphere in Jac's classes. She is always kind and focused on allowing one to relax and feel the peace. I come out very much better equipped to fend off the stresses of daily life and also sometimes creatively energised and almost on a high. Jac fosters a non-competitive, encouraging vibe which helps her students to increase their self-esteem.


I enjoy the short readings from spiritual texts, the Vinyasa flow, and also the Nidri Yoga, which is more quiet and meditative. I have been on two retreats with Jac to Morocco which both took me to different mental planes and allowed me to become more mindful. In addition they were wicked fun and I made lots of new friends who are still my friends! So Thank You Jac!