Jack Cuneo

Denver, CO
United States

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Practicing with Jack is about illumination – exploring beliefs and expanding the boundaries of body, mind, and spirit. His style combines traditional asana with playful movement and is infused with devotion, reverence and depthless experiential knowledge. His instruction is direct, methodical, and full of sly humor. Expect to laugh, work hard and steadily progress toward transformation.

Jack guides from years of study with teachers’ teachers in Ashtanga, Iyengar and Anusara styles. Although he is known for his capacity to perform almost every yoga posture, his instruction emphasizes the potency of practicing fundamental biomechanics with ever-increasing awareness and strength. He empowers students to forge a dynamic and graceful relationship with themselves – simultaneously loving who they are and striving for who they wish to become. Jack aspires to become a twinkly-eyes old man living on a mountain, infuriating visitors seeking straight answers by instead posing pithy, penetrating questions.

Jack serves as an Chief Marketing Officer for Kindness Yoga, a successful family of locally-owned studios in Denver, Colorado. He teaches public asana classes, workshops, yoga teacher seminars and trainings in Denver, Boulder, and beyond.