Jackie Powell

Santa Cruz, CA
United States

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Jackie Sue Powell began practicing yoga in 2010 while living in Guatemala. After returning to Washington, DC in 2012, she trained with several teachers and experimented with various styles of yoga. In 2013, she decided to take the next step in her journey: committing to a five-month teacher training with Mimi Rieger.

For Jackie Sue, the training was more than just a physical challenge, it was a period of deep inner reflection and an understanding of new possibilities. During the intensive training, she cultivated her own personal practice which taught her how the tools we use in asana can be taken off the mat into everyday life. Through teaching and practicing, Jackie realized that yoga and its benefits should be accessible to everyone – a key objective in her current teaching.

After completing teacher training, Jackie took a six-month sabbatical to travel in Europe and the Middle East. She decided yoga would be her travel companion and give purpose to the trip. Among other places, she taught several yoga classes in El Retiro Park in Madrid, Spain and The Ottoman Court in Ramallah, Palestine. Through these experiences, she introduced yoga to people from all over the world and made lasting friendships. As a teacher, she learned that teaching yoga to a diverse group has the same qualities of a yoga practice. On the mat we learn to listen to our bodies and adjust them accordingly. Similarly, during her experiences sharing yoga abroad she observed and listened to students and adjusted her teaching to meet their practice.

Jackie returned to DC in October 2014 ready to serve her local community through yoga. She taught community classes at The Bike Rack, Lighthouse Yoga Center, Yoga Heights, Mary’s Center, and apartment buildings. She also offers yoga classes designed for office settings that strive to reduce office-related stress and increase energy and creativity in the workplace.

After an exciting nine months teaching in DC, Jackie moved to Santa Cruz with her boyfriend, a newly appointed professor at the University of California Santa Cruz. In August she began her 500 hour training with Mark Stephens at Santa Cruz Yoga. After completing the first 200 hours, she is working on the remaining 100 hours by completing an independent study focusing on teaching bilingual yoga to students with a focus on anatomy. Contact me.


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