Jacky Challenger

Tofino, BC

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200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Natalie Rousseau – Victoria, BC
10 Day Vipassana Meditation Course – Blackheath, Australia
Various immersions and workshops with many wise and clever teachers including the ones found in Nature – the ocean, the forest and animals!


My journey of Yoga began in 2009 as a Student in Toronto where I found Yoga to be a very grounding and calming practice in a place full of stimulation and distraction. My practice grew when I moved to Tofino the next Summer and it opened up a whole new level of personal transformation for me. This led me to a desire to learn more about the ancient practice and I took my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Spring 2013. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to teach amongst an inspiring community with Coastal Bliss Yoga.

*I enjoy Teaching Yoga Because

I love that the practice of Yoga is always evolving and that I will always be a Student, there is always more to learn and space to deepen. It is exciting to share a practice that I know can be so powerful and transformative. Teaching opens up a space for conversation and growth, I love when students ask questions as it is an opportunity for me to learn more.

*My Philosophy in Yoga

Be genuine and meet each challenge with an open mind. This practice(life) is ever evolving, take it one breath at a time.


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