Jacob Felder

Winston Salem, NC
United States

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Ever find yourself sitting for a meditation and thinking, “How much longer” and “When is something going to happen”? If so, then Jacob is the teacher for you. There is a vast range of consciousness between normal waking consciousness and deep sleep. This range of consciousness is often referred to as the “Other Side of Consciousness”. The more you become familiar with this range of consciousness the more often you will move into the deeper states. Likewise, the more time you spend in the deeper states the more you will increase your potential for experiencing Samadhi, Nirvana, the Pure Conscious Jacob dispels the mystery of meditation by explaining how and why meditation works on a biological basis. When the mystery of meditation is dispelled you gain understanding and control. You will also learn the techniques necessary for increasing your awareness on the “Other Side of Consciousness” and begin attaining the deeper states on a regular basis. You have read about, heard about, and may have experienced the deeper states on occasion. There is no longer any reason to feel these states are unattainable on a regular basis. Jacob Felder uses a proven meditation teaching method: The Awareness Approach™. He has successfully trained well over a thousand people during the many years of his teaching career. He experiences the deeper states of meditation on a daily basis and knows what life is like on the “Other Side of Consciousness”. Jacob is available for Skype, phone, or in-person instruction. Contact: 336-407-8602

Meditation: Awareness Approach™


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