Jacqueline Zibung

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I am a RYT 200 Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, trained by Clara Roberts-Oss and Carolyn Anne Budgell.
I have twenty years experience of ballet training, been doing Yoga for four years and Crossfit for a little over a year. All three have helped me develop a strong sense of body awareness, great flexibility and mobility and I incorporate my experience from all three disciplines into my classes.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

8 Reviews

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Perfect activity for active recovery

Putting myself voluntarily almost every day through the strenuous exercises of CrossFit during my stay on Koh Tao, I needed something to relax and stretch my body on my days off training. So I tried yoga. Since Jackie is a CrossFit athlete herself, she adapted the classes to the needs of my sore body and helped me a lot to work on areas that needed special attention.


With her patient way of explaining and demonstrating the correct techniques I could really ease into the various positions and benefit from the positive effects. I can highly recommend her classes not only to CrossFitters but to anyone who is looking for a calming session of stretching and complete relaxation. At the end of the class I always felt amazingly peaceful and at ease with myself. I could let go of all worries and problems and just enjoy the moment. Thanks for this wonderful experience!

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Bold and Bendy

I approached Jackie for help with mobility and flexability in persuit of attaining better overhead positions during my CrossFit training.

As an experienced athlete herself; finishing top 10 in the 2015 Bangkok Brawl she quickly recognised my shoulder isdues and patiently and systematically set about fixing me.


Working in close relation with my physio, whom I was seeing to deal with a back issue sustained during competition their work together in realigning me has lead to nothing but minor miracles.

I would highly recommend Jackie to anyone from beginners to athletes due to her professionalism and ability to communicate at different levels of understanding and meeting an individuals needs.

The fact she allowed me to cobat roll out of the Namaste business at the end just made it all the better!

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Awesome Pawesome!

Took a drop in class with my boyfriend while we were in Koh Tao..hands down best yoga class I've ever been to. She helped us get into correct positions and made us feel very relaxed (as relaxed as you can feel while pulling your groin. ;) ) definitely would recommend her & had that not been her last class, we would have gone to more classes while we stayed on the island!

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I really enjoyed the lessons with Jacqueline!!

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I like doing yoga with Jacqueline

It was on Koh Tao and it was the most wonderful holidays in my life. We practice yoga almost every day and I came back home extremely healthy. I have strong body and quite mind. Thank you, Jackie!

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Highly recommend!

For me, the experience of practice with Jackie was the perfect balance: productive classes and security to damage any part of a body, as Jackie explains important points of assanes and how to do them correctly, demonstrating and correcting errors of students. What is very important for beginners. She gives a balanced set of assans for all areas of a body.


And also she always gives several options of one assane, so beginners and students with experience could be practice together in one stream with the same interest. If a class was only a few students, Jackie adjusted the lesson on the wishes of students. She was always in time for a class and friendly to all. Jackie has responsible approach to the preparation of a class and she always looks after comfort of students during a class.
I really enjoyed yoga classes with her!

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Brilliant, Spiritual Practice

I have loved taking yoga classes from Jackie at Grounded Yoga. From the moment I met her, I felt such an intensely passionate aura surrounding her. She is so genuine and grounded and this translates into her practice. She observes, listens, and makes suggestions and frequent adjustments. Her classes are challenging, stimulating, and motivating. She has an incredibly tranquil yet energised way of being in the world. I have loved learning from her and am sad I will not be able to have more classes with her on Koh Tao!

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Fantastic, friendly & always helping you be your best

Jackie is a great teacher, with the right blend of explanations and demonstrations in her classes. I've always found her classes to be well structured with the right amount of challenging but adaptable movements, and she will always look to encourage you to go a little deeper in to a pose to get the most out of it. Jackie knows how to teach to athletes, yogis and complete beginners, and combines her passion for training and teaching in to a professional and friendly manner.