Jade Gibson

houston, TX
United States

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Hello! I am so happy you’re here. It means that you are looking to receive the physical, mental, and spiritual rewards that come with embarking on a yoga journey.

Yoga is a journey. But unlike so many of other journeys that have a fixed start and a fixed end-goal you will not be bound to these concepts with yoga. You will be on your own personal journey, as I have been, and you will find that the real reward is the journey itself.

My journey has been over many years and while I have been at it long enough to now share and teach my learnings there are still days when a person may observe and think that it is my first step. Such is life. Such is a journey. There are many wonderful days but not all days are sunshine and flowers, not all paths are free of potholes or obstacles.

I have met students (and on occasion teachers) that feel that the perfect pose, or supreme flexibility are the reward to strive for while learning and practicing yoga. This is not accurate or right minded. It is not to say these things are not rewarding but rather they are not the reward. The journey is the reward.

While I hope that you will include me on your journey it is okay if you don’t. Please; keep looking and find the teacher/companion that will get you were you want to be.


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