Jagath Gunaratne

Sri Lanka
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Jagath Gunaratne is a certified teacher of Hatha Yoga & Meditation. He studied in India at Arahanta Yoga Ashram where he completed his 200h yoga teacher training and his meditation teacher training at Sarvaguna Yoga-Meditation Training and Research Academy. He is also a Reiki Practitioner and received his mastership certification from Reiki & Seichem Grandmaster, Mohanie Ahangama.

He encourages practicing yoga asana and pranayama as an inward journey by constantly witnessing the body, breath and mind with meditative awareness. More emphasis is placed on cultivating steadiness, ease and safety while exploring the relative intensity and energy of the pose rather than forcing the body based on strict detail to structure. He persuades each person to work at their own pace to rediscover and develop the inner harmony, strengths and flexibility that they already possess within.

During his guided meditation classes, he teaches traditional and modern meditation techniques to develop relaxation, mindfulness and concentration.

The practice of yoga and meditation creates space to accept ourselves with gratitude and joy for what we are and what we have right now. Staying in the present moment, we become curious about observing our inner nature in order to learn about ourselves truthfully, without pretense or prejudice. We pay attention to our physical state, breathing and mental/emotional states with clarity and awareness.

Regular practice helps us to draw our focus away from the external world and into experiencing our deeper, innermost levels of consciousness. While growing stronger and flexible physically, it also strengthens our ability to handle anxiety, stress and fear with equanimity and live healthier, happier and successful lives with confidence and courage.

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

9 Reviews

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