Jaime Verk - Perez

Toronto, ON
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Jaime came to yoga after years of competitive dance training left her feeling stressed, sore and spiritually empty. She fell in love with yoga in her early teens for it’s creative capacity and therapeutic benefits. Since 2012 Jaime has been teaching various styles of yoga including Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative and Kundalini as well as Pilates and Barre. She continues to explore yoga, meditation and movement through a therapeutic approach to best serve students struggling with physical and emotional obstacles. Jaime's passion and excitement for teaching is magnetic, her warm personality and deep empathy for others make her classes nourishing and accessible for all levels. She believes that every practice should empower the total body, mind and spirit.

In addition to teaching movement Jaime is also a Holistic chef and wellness Coach. She is a firm believer in the healing powers of food and mindful movement. Her intention is to inspire others to find optimal health and happiness through yoga practice and holistic lifestyle.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

22 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Fun, friendly, open and embracing

After having taken one of Jaime’s fun and challenging Pilates classes, I knew I wanted to practise more with her. She is a fun, creative teacher that keeps the energy light in class, while delivering a challenging practise.

Recently, I attended a Creative Energy Healing Workshop with her and a few other wonderful women that worked together. This was a great experience for me and I felt welcome the moment I walked into the space.


Jaime led the movement portion, which consisted of some freeing dance-like variations as well as some Yin postures to ease us into the meditation. Her energy was uplifting and encouraging and she made everyone feel comfortable in their own bodies and space. Her words were truly inspiring, and she really made me look into myself for the energy I needed to heal from the inside.

I would highly recommend this workshop, and hope that they will run it again! I love taking class with Jaime, and encourage any level practitioner to check out her classes and workshops!

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Very Special

Jaime is multi-talented in that she combines both exceptional yoga instruction with a spiritual energy. She knows her stuff so you feel safe in her care and at the same time she encourages you to explore movement, breath and sound in ways you never expected. Her latest group event left me feeling uplifted and free. Her voice and instruction is just the right balance to guide you through the class. Amazing!

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Warm, wise and welcoming - highly recommended!

I have attended several of Jaime's yoga classes as well as her Thai massage workshops. She is a very welcoming, kind and intuitive instructor who fosters such a lovely, positive energy in her classes.

Jaime encourages all of her students to let her know about any injuries or limitations, and offers various accommodations to ensure their safety, demonstrating both her experience and her sincere care for students' safety and wellbeing.

You can tell she is really invested in and passionate about teaching yoga, etc. and she's great at it!

I always walk away feeling so much better (holistically!) after sessions with her.

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One of a kind!

Jamie is amazing. She is so knowledgeable and you can see that she is willing to go above and beyond as a teacher for her students. She is truly one of a kind! Keep on sharing the Yoga love my friend you are so good at it!

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So Glad I got the Chance to be her Student

Jaime’s upbeat energy carries the whole class through a rigorous Pilate’s routine while simultaneously making time for personal adjustments and assists. With a thorough understanding of the body and anatomy she makes me feel safe throughout my practice. She teaches in a way that makes me explore my limits but also listen to and respect my body. She gives cues that allow me to make find adjustments, which improves my posture to maximize the benefits of the exercise.


She targets key muscle groups and makes strengthening exercises challenging yet playful. After taking her class once or twice a week I could notice improvements in my strength, posture, and overall fitness. You’ll discover something new about your body in almost every class and honestly it’s just a lot of fun.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Simply the Amazing!

If you have not had the opportunity to take a class with Jaime do your mind and body a favour and get to the next class. I have taken yin, Pilates, yin/yang, workshops and a yoga retreat with Jaime so I know what I am talking about.


Jaimie is extremely knowledgeable and freely shares her knowledge with clear and easy to understand communication. She is very encouraging without being pushy. She makes you feel supported and comfortable to try things you might not otherwise want to try.

Jaime is fun! She has a great sense of humour which makes her classes so enjoyable. You learn to relax and not take yourself so seriously.

If you have any questions Jaime is always approachable and willing to help. She is happy to demonstrate the poses you are working on.

I am also a musician and have worked with Jaime on live music yoga classes. She has a wonderful singing voice to match her lovely disposition. These classes are very magical, spiritual and relaxing.

I highly recommend taking any of class that Jaime is teaching. You be grateful that you did and wonder what took you so long to do so.

Thank you Jaime for making a difference in my life.

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A Wonderful Teacher With So Much To Give

Jaime is a beautiful spirit who infuses her classes with wisdom, laughter, and love. The genuine care she has for her students is evident in everything she does. Her motto: "don't stress, just have fun!" I've had the privilege of participating in two of her workshops, and they were each the best two hours of my day!

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A true honour

Such an honour to practice with Jaime, she is able to work with her class and feel the flow, she moves and teaches by taking into account all that is going on. She has the most calm, welcoming and warm presence and it is just such a pleasure to even just be around her. I am always so grateful to learn and practice with her.

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Love and Support

Jaime is one of the most welcoming teachers I have come across is my four years of practice. She practices what she preaches, and you can really see how Jaime lives her truth. She incorporates her learning into her movement classes, and each class provides an enriching and beautiful experience coupled with strong movement and balance. I recommend everyone to take one of Jaime's classes, and see for yourself what a great teacher she really is! I always feel supported by Jaime in my learning and growth on and off my mat!

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Back Pain

I had intense back pain, I could barely move out of bed. I decided to go to Jaime's Hatha class at Moksha Yoga Thornhill. I had a few reservations because the pain was so intense, but I felt that I needed to stretch. I told Jaime about my pain, she included a few stretches and unique techniques that would help relieve it. The next day, it was gone! She is so in tune with her students, she asked me questions about my pain, was so empathetic, I couldn't have been more grateful.

Thanks Jaime, you're incredible!

Jaime Verk - PerezOctober 25, 2016

I love you Sherry. I'm so happy that you found relief with the practice. It's always an honor to have your energy in the room. Namaste

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Wonderful Teacher

I have been to many of Jaime's classes. She's such a ray of light. Her classes are both challenging, yet calming. You will always leave feeling like you've had a great practice, both mentally and physically. I highly recommend attending a class with her.

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Amazing teacher

I did a workshop with Jaime and truly loved every minute. Jaime creates such a safe and peaceful space for her students and is extremely attentive throughout the class. I cant say enough about Jaime and her teaching style. if your feeling stressed or tired spend an hour with Jaime and you'll leave feeling like a new person :)

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This was my first time trying a Restorative Yoga workshop - within minutes I was HOOKED!
In the hour and a half - my mind was at ease and my entire body was relaxed.
Jaime's method of teaching/meditating was incredible and highly recommend this to EVERYONE!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Jaime is a talented, knowledgable and playful yoga teacher. Her classes are fusion of various styles and movements and showcase her understanding of the history, philosophy, culture and spirituality from which yoga is derived. With her calming voice and articulate guidances, Jaime highlights the connection between the cognitive and aesthetic elements of yoga.


She seeks to ensure that her students feel supported and strong in their practice as she will often model correct posture and positions and incorporate props and modifications as necessary. Hands on adjustments are respectful of incurred injuries and level of comfort. Jaime classes offer a warm and inviting space where students can set focus and intention as they embark on their journey. The mind, body, heart and soul are all stimulated leaving students feeling invigorated and strong. 

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Jaime's classes are the best!

You are in great hands with Jaime! She's an amazing teacher. Jaime brings a wealthy of knowledge and experience to the mat. I really like her style! I feel taller, stronger and more empowered after her classes.

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I learn from Jaime

Since taking Jaime's classes, my body awareness has increased. I feel engaged in her classes and afterwards, I feel like I've gone through an invigorating experience, both physically and spiritually. She's so approachable, knowledgable, insightful and present.

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A breath of fresh air

Working for lululemon, I've encountered my fair share of yogis and Jaime is a beautiful breath of fresh air!
From the moment you are greeted with a lovely smile, to the end of your yoga practice, Jaime guides you through a wave of undeniable spiritual an internal reflection. You feel at ease; you feel comfortable; you feel at peace. Not only is her style a great pace for beginners and advanced students, but she provides a fantastic flow of varying movements that challenge you each and every class. You leave her class feeling rejuvenated, calm and ready to tackle the day ahead!
I highly recommend taking a class with her and simply being around her presence which just exudes beautiful energy!!

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Jaime Rocks!

Jaime is one of my all time favorite yoga/Pilates instructors and here's why...
Her classes are fun & dynamic with the perfect balance of challenge and restoration
Her instruction is insightful & intuitive
She has a way of giving everyone personal attention while keeping it all on point
Simply put her classes are addictive!
Go and get your groove on at one of Jamie's classes... I'll see you there :)

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Best Yoga Instructor

From the moment you walk into Jaime's room you are greeted with a hello and smile. This may seem trivial, but for me, it puts me at ease each time I see her. Her voice is extremely soothing and she explains everything in such great detail that there is never any need to lift your head; also something very important to me to stay in the zone. I have been practicing with her for over two years now and am excited each time I go to a class. I know each class will be challenging physically and spiritually. I often see her after class working with students with injuries helping them on her own time. Passionate and dedicated. I love her.

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Out of commitment comes passion

Jamie's passion for what she does is obvious from the moment you meet her. Her gentle yet strong presence is warm and welcoming, and speaks to her commitment to her students receiving the utmost value from their practice. She is very conscientious about her students abilities and boundaries offering various alternatives that suit any level of yogic practitioner. She is clear, open to questions and feedback and always fresh and creative, while maintaining the tradition of yoga. I always feel so much more open and centred as well as much stronger in my core after a class with Jaime. She is a truly amazing teacher.

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Mind body balanced

I'm not very experienced doing yoga and sometimes get bored practicing. Jaime is very good at keeping me engaged and encouraged. She always makes adjustments and makes me feel confident in my practice. Her strong, yet soothing voice allows me to maintain focus throughout the practice. When I leave her class, I feel that I worked my body and relaxed my mind. Jaime is an excellent coach and teacher and I strongly recommend her.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Fun, Encouraging, & Experienced

It is clear that Jamie loves what she does. She is devoted to making her students feel encouraged, and challenged, while maintaining an appropriate level of fun in each and every single class. Jamie focuses on always making sure her students are practicing safely and accurately in all of the poses, while continuing to focus on breath. This ensures that no one gets hurt, while correctly challenging all muscle groups. Each class begins with a question as to whether or not there are any beginners or anyone with injuries in the class, making it clear that Jamie truly cares about the success of her students. Jamie knows just when to push, or to change up her class — it's never a dull moment!