Jaina Mistry-Patel

United Kingdom

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Life is challenging for everyone and I feel that through my challenges yoga has been my friend and companion. It’s a place that I unconsciously sought to find comfort and joy in and it has naturally grown and expanded in my life. It also provides me with a sense of ease knowing that whatever life presents me with I have the guidance of yoga to help me.

However yoga is not an easy ride. Though it has bought me a protected sense of comfort it has also tested my character and personality. It has bought to surface all the underlying issues that I have carried within myself, thus allowing me to understand how to change myself and improve my life. The beauty of yoga is that although it shows you the darkness it also provides a light of understanding if we choose to seek it.

In order to stay true to the path of yoga I believe in Union and Oneness. The ability to understand that we are one collective. That there is no difference between you and I. That we’re all just on a journey together. This has encouraged me to teach and share what I have learnt through my own practice and studies. I am a registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and I continue my meditation practice, Kriya Yoga and spiritual practice with the Self Realisation Fellowship.

Feel free to look around this website, to get in touch and express your opinions or to book a class. I look forward to hearing from you.


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